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PhotoStore is a professional photo gallery and shopping cart. Sell images, artwork, digital files, videos, prints and more direct to your customers with your own website! No commission fees. Great for event photographers or selling stock photos.

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  • PayPal
  • 2Checkout
  • Stripe
  • Robokassa
  • Skrill

Why Use PhotoStore

Thousands of happy customers are using PhotoStore around the world

PhotoStore Installs On Your Hosting Space

PhotoStore is a one time purchase and installs on your hosting space in minutes. No more paying commission or monthly fees to those other guys.

We can install PhotoStore for you on your hosting space.

If you would like to install PhotoStore yourself you can use the built in web based installer that guides you through the process.

Multiple Currency & Language Support

PhotoStore supports multiple currencies and multiple languages. With the pro version you can even have multiple languages or currencies active at the same time and your customer can choose based on their needs.

Sell Photos, Videos, Prints, Products & More

PhotoStore supports selling photos, videos, files and more. Sell prints, products, print packages and collections with multiple options and pricing structures.

Fully Customizable

PhotoStore features a robust web based management area that gives you the ability to manage your photos, sales, members, content and much more through your web browser.

For those that want to dig deeper you have full code access with customizable HTML, CSS and PHP.

Support For PayPal & 14 Other Payment Gateways

PhotoStore supports the use of PayPal and 14 other payment gateways when selling to your customers.

Support includes PayPal, 2checkout,, Chronopay, Ideal, Mygate, Nochex, Onebip, Paygate, PayFast, Paystation, Plugnpay, Robokassa, Skrill (Moneybookers), Worldpay, Stripe. Other payment gateways can also be added.

Member Upload Features

Allow your members to upload and sell their photos on your site with the Contributors Add-on for PhotoStore. You can even take a commission of their sales if you would like.

Finally I've found PhotoStore and I'm surprised how easy it is to set up and configure. I love the addons, expecially the contributor option, which allows artists to contribute to the site. Big compliments to the Support team for the great work you are doing. Questions are being answered quickly and accurately.

Karl Quint

After a thorough search for the right software to sell my images.I chose last year for PhotoStore of Ktools. It runs smoothly and the 10000 images find their way to my clients. Therefore, I can highly recommend the software PhotoStore.

Jan Smit

I think ktools have done an awesome job with Photstore, the product is rock solid and meets my needs. I have use many other photo catalog programs and this is the best by far. Well done to the small team at ktools.

Steve Thibou

We started selling stock photos on other agencies however we decided to sell direct to our client. Photostore gives us the convenience without having to code or hire someone to code it.We have been using Photostore for around 1 year. The service so far has been excellent and the product works great. Good job ktools!

Wong Sze Fei

Contributors Add-on For PhotoStore

The Contributors Add-on allows your members to upload photos to sell while you take a commission. They can login to the members area and see their sales, commissions, photos they are selling and more. As the admin you can track all of this information from the management area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PhotoStore is fully customizable. You can customize PhotoStore to look however you would like or you can add new or change existing features of the store. Changing the color scheme requires knowledge of CSS and changing the overall layout requires knowledge of HTML. Customizing features and functionality requires knowledge of PHP. The store uses the smarty template engine, template files are nothing more than HTML with some smarty codes in it that are used to pull in PHP data.
Yes, you can purchase add-ons and extras at any time. You do not have to purchase them when you purchase PhotoStore. Add-ons and extras can be purchased from the PhotoStore Add-ons & Extras area.
PhotoStore currently supports the following currencies:
USA Dollar
Europe Euro
Japan Yen
Canada Dollar
Great Britain Pound
Australia Dollar
New Zealand Dollar
Swiss Franc
Hong Kong Dollar
Singapore Dollar
Swedish Krona
Danish Krone
Polish Zloty
Norwegian Krone
Hungarian Forint
Czech Koruna
South African Rands ( Only)
Israeli Shekel
Mexican Peso
Other currencies can easily be added if the payment gateway you are using supports them. You can add them in store manager area under settings -> currency.
PhotoStore is currently available in mulitple languages (see the list here) and can easily be translated to others. Most of the content is contained in a language file or editable through the management area.
If you are a PhotoStore owner you can download the language files under "Language Files" in your account.
In addition customers of can log into our forum and download additional language files uploaded by fellow photostore owners.
The PhotoStore is truly multi-language unlike the competition. Even the titles, descriptions, etc.. of media uploaded to the store can be in multiple languages so when a user switches languages on the store front, everything changes for them so they can read it.
Our free installation services takes about 1 hour. Once you purchase and provide your hosting information you will get put into a queue for installation. We do installations in the order they were received. Most installations are done the same day as your purchase.
Your customers can checkout and pay using any major credit card, bank account, money order, PayPal funds, or check. PayPal,,,, Skrill, MoneyBookers, Paygate, Paystation, Ideal, Chronopay, Nochex, Robokass, Stripe, and more are integrated into PhotoStore. Other payment gateways can easily be added by anyone who knows PHP.
Yes, you can setup an unlimited number of sizes and print types to sell. These can be global or specific to only certain photos.
You are responsible for fullfilling all print and product orders yourself. You can send the order to a print lab of your choice for processing and have it shipped directly to your customer.
Some recommended by photostore owners:
Yes, you can sell other products the same way as you sell prints. Just create the product in your Library -> Products area of the store manager. The product can be global or specific to only certain photos and galleries. Products can be stand alone products, or they can be media based like for example print on a coffee mug.
Yes, you can have PhotoStore automatically create an unlimited number of additional sizes from the original. These additional sizes can be processed manually when an order is placed for them or they can be generated on the fly by PhotoStore when they are purchased. You can create additional sizes to sell by using the Library -> Digital profiles area of the store manager.
No, you can get your hosting at any time either before or after your purchase. Although we suggest getting your hosting first to make the installation process faster. If you have not found hosting yet, and need some help you can visit this page: [Find Hosting]
PhotoStore is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. It uses HTML, CSS, and Smarty Template Engine for the design elements and layout.
While PhotoStore works for most people in its original form others may want to use it as a starting point for building a custom solution. PhotoStore is very flexible and can be customized easily. Please keep in mind that is not a custom web development company and when you are purchasing our products you are not getting custom web development services. We only sell software and scripts that we have created for the public to use. It is up to you to customize the software if you wish to do so. If you need help customizing the software you can find web developers here: [Custom Web Programming Services]
Yes, the subscription features can easily be turned of in the management area for PhotoStore.
Yes, you can have an unlimited number of public and private categories. Private categories can be password protected so that only those who have the password can view or purchase the photos in the category.
Yes, both selling digital and print features can easily be turned off in the management area. If you would only like to sell prints you can turn off the "sell digital version" option. If you would not like to offer any prints or products in your PhotoStore you can turn off "sell prints and products". You can also set these options per photo. You can even turn the entire shopping cart system off and sell nothing, this will force PhotoStore to work as a gallery only where you can showcase your work.
Yes, you can set the license type of any photo to "free download" and it will be offered free. You can even offer free downloads of smaller sizes of the originals if you wish to give away comp versions for clients.
PhotoStore can handle an unlimited number of photos. It does not impose a limit on the number of photos or categories/galleries that can be added. However your host may have limits on bandwidth or disk space that will limit the number of photos that you can host on your hosting space.
PhotoStore has been tested on 500,000+ photos without any problems.

Yes, PhotoStore now has the ability for you to create coupons that your customers can use when checking out. These coupons can offer a percentage off of the total price, a dollar value off of the total price, free shipping, bulk discount (buy x amount get x% off) or tax exempt.

You can view a complete list of difference between the two versions shown here [compare].

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