Below are some recommendations for hosting. We have also included hosting that is not recommended based on our customer's feedback.


  • When choosing hosting for your new software please first make sure it meets the minimum requirements of the software that you are purchasing.
  • Even though some hosting companies say that they meet the minimum requirements for the software they may still limit your hosting in other ways. We have no control over any limitations they may place on your hosting.
  • Stay away from free hosting. Unless you want problems stay away from those free hosting plans. With hosting you get what you pay for. A good hosting plan will run you $7-15/month or more. Possibly cheaper if you pay for 1 year upfront.
  • Unlimited hosting is never unlimited. If it's too good to be true that's because it is. Any hosting company promising you unlimited space or even huge amounts of disk space has a catch in their terms of service. Your best bet is to read the terms of service before signing up or avoid these hosts all together.
  • Make sure the company has been in the business for a while. Usually 5 years or more in the hosting business is a good sign. The longer they have been hosting the better the chances are that they are going to provide a reliable service. Most hosting startups have a chance of failing and if they go out of business your website may be lost.
  • Make sure they have the tools you need. Look for hosting that has a control panel. Most do but there are some that don't include it with their hosting. A control panel is an area where you control your hosting. It allows you to setup email accounts, manage databases, view website traffic statistics and more. The two best control panels are Cpanel and Plesk. If you want to make sure you are getting a good host ask them what control panel they use. If they say Cpanel or Plesk then they are most likely a higher quality hosting company and you will be much happier with them over a company that uses something else.
  • When possible choose Unix or Linux hosting over Windows. Although Windows hosting will work we prefer Linux/Unix. In most cases it is easier to install PHP scripts on Linux/Unix hosting and many times you have more control over the server settings. You do not need to know how to use a Linux/Unix operating system when using Linux/Unix hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting & Servers. Dedicated hosting is a great way to go but only if you know how to administer the server. If you are unfamiliar with running your own server stay away from dedicated hosting unless the company you are renting from will manage it for you. The same goes for setting up your own server.

Recommended Hosting

These host have been tested and are guaranteed to work with all products.

Company Additional Details Hosting 1 Month Free. Owned by Guaranteed to work. FREE upgrades and FREE support for any product for as long as you host with us.

Hosting Suggested By Our Customers

Our customers have reported that these hosts meet the requirements and that they have had no problems with them. These hosts are not guaranteed by Ktools.

Company Additional Details No troubles reported by customers No troubles reported by customers No troubles reported by customers No troubles reported by customers
Aperture Host No troubles reported by customers No troubles reported by customers No troubles reported by customers No troubles reported by customers No troubles reported by customers No troubles reported by customers

Not Recommended Hosting

These hosts have been reported by our customers to have a conflict with our software and therefore you may expect to have issues if you should decide to use them for hosting. These hosts may not meet the requirements for our software or have other restrictions in place that limit the features of PhotoStore and our other software.

Company Additional Details Customers have reported various problems along with frequent server updates that break PHP scripts. Customers have reported that they no longer allow photo websites.
PacificHost Customers have reported that severe limits are now being put in place.,, Customers have reported problems and very slow servers. Many problems have been encountered when installing PhotoStore and PhotoHost and StartLogic is strongly NOT recommended for our products at this time. Customers have reported a session issue that may be able to be resolved with some additional code in the .htaccess file. Customers have reported that they will not support ioncube which is required by PhotoStore.
Network Solutions Customers have reported problems using PhotoStore/PhotoHost with Network Solutions hosting. They may be missing certain modules required by PhotoStore/PhotoHost. We have added them to the not recommended list until these issues can be resolved. Customers have reported various problems. Customers have reported various problems along with no ioncube support. Customers have reported various problems included getting kicked off of their hosting once they reach 9000+ photos.