PhotoStore Documentation

How to setup ImageMagick

In order for the store to use Imagick you must install it as a PECL extension in PHP. If you just install it to the server the store will not be able to use it, it has to be a PECL extension.

Here is how to install on a WHM/cPanel system/server.
The following assumed you have root access to your cpanel server. 
Check if it is installed first:
from root ssh

Installation: (if not already installed)
Installation will take a couple minutes as it will install other packages needed by ImageMagick. After the installation, check that it is installed again and it should state the version. 
/usr/bin/convert --version

It will give you something like: Version: ImageMagick 6.4.8, etc

Now to setup the PECL imagick extension in PHP using WHM:

Go to WHM -> Software -> Module Installers -> PHP Pecl (manage). On the box below “Install a PHP Pecl” enter “imagick” and click “Install Now” button – that’s all.  Restart Apache.

If you decide to uninstall it’s as easy as the installation process: ImageMagick: 
Log into SSH and run this command.
Then after that go to WHM -> Software -> Module Installers -> PHP Pecl(manage). Click on Uninstall button for Imagick 

Checking where ImageMagick is located: 
from ssh use 
whereis convert 
should give you the directory

Other systems like plesk, etc..:
We do not have the details on how to install the imagick PECL extension in php on other sytems, you will have to contact your hosting provider or server admin to have them do it.

If you do not own the server then you will not be able to setup imagick, you will have to contact your hosting provider and or server administrator to have them setup PHP as a PECL PHP extension.