PhotoStore Documentation

How to setup

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to configure your account to post data back to your store so the orders are completed, and the store knows the payment went through.
1. Log into your account ( -> click on merchant log in in upper right).
2. Skip any intro message from and continue onto your account.
3. Click on "account" in the top menu.
4. Click on "Receipt Page" under Transaction Response Settings.
5. Click on "Receipt Method".
6. You will now have three settings you can configure.
7. Configure the "Default Receipt Link URL" this is the link back to your site, so put in a link pointing to your ipn.php file.
Photostore 3.8.3 or less:
Photostore 3.8.4 or greater:
Photostore 4 or greater:
(You can also leave this blank as it is passed by the store to 
But it is best to put something here as a backup.
8. Configure the "Receipt Method", this is the method in which gets data back to your site. For this we want to "POST".
9. Configure the "Receipt Link Text", This is the button your customer will see to click on to return to your site. For example put in "Return to to complete your order".
10. OK now click the "submit" button to save those changes.