PhotoStore Documentation

Upgrade your PhotoStore 4

At this time PhotoStore 4 is not upgradable from version 3 and will need to be installed in as a new installation. To upgrade PhotoStore 4 to a newer version of PhotoStore 4 please use the following instructions. If you need assistance or have questions please contact us by logging into your account and submitting a support ticket.


We offer a professional upgrade service where our staff will upgrade your PhotoStore installation for you. This service is $25 and can be purchased here:


If you choose to upgrade yourself, please follow the instructions below. 

Download Upgrade:
To download an upgrade package, log into your account. In the photostore 4 menu to the left click on the "Version history / Upgrade" link. From there you can download the upgrade package (click on download upgrade version) or full package (click on download full version).
WARNING! Do not use a full version package to do an upgrade as you will damage your store. Use only the "download upgrade version" to do an upgrade.
Unlike version 3, in version 4 you can just download the newest one only and install it. No need to install each version in order any more. 

Upgrade Steps

  • It is always a good idea to make a backup of your site before doing any upgrade. You may also want to backup your database.
  • Begin by downloading the latest upgrade version from your account under Version History/Upgrades. IMPORTANT! Make sure you download the upgrade package, and not the full package!
  • Next, unzip the contents of zip file to a folder on your computer.
  • If you have renamed your manager directory you should rename the manager folder in the files you just extracted from the upgrade package to match the name you have on your hosting account.
  • Now upload all files through FTP to your directory where you have your PhotoStore installation overwritting any existing files.
  • IMPORTANT: Now visit (where YOUR_SITE is your domain name and path to your PhotoStore). This will run the database upgrade and say "Upgrade Complete" when finished.
  • Now proceed to update any custom templates you have made with any new or changed files in the version you've upgraded to. These are listed in the Version History/Upgrades area of your account. The will be any files listed as /assets/themes/default/*.