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My video sample will not upload or display on the site?

My video will not upload.
This can be for many reason, for example is the sample to large? Did you give the uploader time?
Once you start the upload process let it go until it closes on it's own. If you hit the "close" button after it displays 100% then you will cancel the upload and close the window. Just let it close on it's own and then it will be considered uploaded. Since this is a "web sample" we recommend making the video size as small as possible so it loads faster, and plays smoother on all devices.

My video will not play on the site.
For the video to play on the site it must either be an MP4 or a FLV format. We recommend MP4 since it is HTML5 compatiable and can play on all devices (apple, android, desktop, etc..).
However for it to play the encoding has to be correct and proper for the jwplayer to play it. Here is documentation on their site about how to encode the video: