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The java based uploader isn't working, I see nothing, just a blank popover?

Requirements for java based uplaoder:

To use the java based uploader you must have a modern browser and that browser should be using the newest java plugin available. It doesn't matter what operating system or how old your computer is, the most important things are the browser and java plugin.

Where do I get the java plugin?
 Visit their website to download the newest java version.
How do I test to see if my Java is working?
You can visit that link to test your java and see if it works. If it does not work there, then read that page as there is some information on there to help you troubleshoot your issue.
Ok after all that it still doesn't work, what do I do now?
Here is a link for more trouble shooting tips:
There has been very rare cases where java would not run because of an antivirus program or the computer itself was infected with a virus already.

This may also be helpful if the Java uploader is not working: