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The java based uploader pops a security risk warning?

That is correct, any and all java applet that you run from the internet (from any site) will pop up a security warning. This is java popping the warning, not photostore. Since java is client side it has to warn the user. The way client side applications work is that the visiting computer downloads the applet and that app runs on their computer. So take for example our java based uploader, your computer is downloading the app and is running it locally on your computer. You find the files you wish to upload, and then it sends the files to the store online.

The warning you will see should look similar to this.

Since you know the Java uploader is part of the store, the name should say "jumploaderapplet", all you have to do is put a check in the "I accept the risk and want to run this application" and this click on the drop down arror next to "Show Options" and put a check in that box to always allow, and then hit the run button. After that, it should never popup this warning again. There is no security issues using this applet, it isn't going to install malware on your comptuer, etc.. This is just a generic message that any and all applets will get when you go to run one. 

Ok is there a way to disable this warning?

No, the warning is part of Java (Oracle), not part of Photostore.

Ok is there a way around this then?
No, the warning must show at least once, and once the user checks the box and runs it, it should never ask them again (unless they reset their java or get a new computer, etc..).

How come this isn't signed or the publisher shows "unknown"?
This applet is self signed, if it wasn't signed you would get a different looking warning than what is shown above. Since this is a self signed application, there is no publisher, so the publisher will show as "UNKNOWN" in the warning. 

Can I have mine signed by a publisher?

Sure you can, you will have to go to the jumploader website ( and purchase your own copy of the jumploader application. Then you will have to buy the certificate for signing (example, from verisign, or other trusted publisher) and then do all the other things needed to actually put the cert into the application. You can contact Jumploader support about getting it signed. We will not be able to assist or offer any type of support for signing your own jumploader applet. Once you have your own signed applet, just replace the current one in the store which is located at /assets/jumploader/jumploader_z.jar.