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My IPTC titles are not showing up as titles in the store?

The store doesn't use the IPTC title field for titles, it uses the headline field which is what should be used based on the IPTC standards listed on their site:


A headline is a brief publishable synopsis or summary of  the contents of the photograph. Like a news story, the Headline should grab attention, and telegraph the content of the image to the audience. Headlines need to be succinct. Leave the supporting narrative for the Description field.  Do not, however, confuse the Headline term with the Title term.

This field can be used as a shorthand reference for the  image or “photograph” — primarily for identification. The title of an image  should be a short, human-readable name — text and/or numeric reference —and may  take several forms; for photographers this might be the filename of their original scan or digital camera file, for news organizations it might be the  name of the story for which it’s to be used. (Note that there are new terms in the IPTC Extension which can also be used as image ID’s,  if you are concerned about this field being overwritten later in the workflow).  The Title term should not be confused with the Headline term, which is a short  synopsis of the content of the photograph.

However you can switch the way the store handles titles by editing the tweak file of the store. Open /assets/includes/tweak.php file and find the line:
$config['iptcTitleField']   = 'headline'; // Field to read from IPTC to fill media title - headline | title
change the headline to title and save, so it should look like:
$config['iptcTitleField']   = 'title'; // Field to read from IPTC to fill media title - headline | title

Now your store will use the title as the title instead of headline.