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Various SEO Issues: 404 page not found errors

Requirements (make sure you have this before trying to turn SEO on):
Your server must have mod_rewrite installed, if your not sure contact your hosting company to find out.
You must have uploaded the .htaccess file with the mod_rewrite code in it to your store.
The .htaccess must be in the root of your store, and you have to upload it using an FTP client or your website control panel file manager.
Your site must be using an actual domain name and not a temporary domain name.
Example: and not
I have a few photos that when I click on them I get a 404 error (page not found)?
Chances are you have a special or accented character in the title of the photo or gallery.
I get a 404 error on anything I click on?
Chances are you are missing the mod_rewrite module or the .htaccess file that is needed to decode. Also some hosting require that you insert a RewriteBase into the .htaccess. For example if your site is at root of your hosting account then you would add:

RewriteBase /
To your .htaccess, put it just below the RewriteEngine On line.

I have a .htaccess in place, the photos work yet when I click on a category I get errors?
Make sure your gallery isn't using the temporary URL of your site (examplehttp:// (using an IP address). If it is and your real domain name is propagated then do not use the temporary URL to visit your store manager any more. After visting your store manager with your real URL, go to settings -> software setup and update the install URL to show the proper domain name and not the temporary URL. Save changes and now it should work, cause the store will use your real URL instead of the temporary URL as the store gallery links.
If your real URL has not propagated yet and you only have the temporary URL then you will need to disable the SEO option until your domain name has propagated.
When I put the .htaccess file in place my site throws a 500 internal server error regardless of what page I visit?
Some hosting can not handle the line:
Options +FollowSymLinks -MultiViews
To test this, go ahead and edit your .htaccess file code and put a # in front of that line to comment it out (ignored by system). Should look like:
#Options +FollowSymLinks -MultiViews
If you continue to get a 500 error then you will need to contact your hosting provider to see what the issue is. 
I have windows hosting and when I turn on the SEO it will not work?
At this time SEO option doesn't work on windows IIS hosting. it only works on Linux using apache.
I meet all requirments for SEO but it doesn't work?
There is no garuntee that it will work on your server account (hosting). You will need to contact your hosting company and see if there is something you can do to make it work. Other reasons can be due to the directory layout of your system, or redirects in place etc..
If it doesn't work and there is nothing you can do to make it work, then you will have to leave it turned OFF.
More info about the .htaccess file and the mod-rewrite code required:
See downloaded package extras/settings/ directory for example code (.htaccess file, open it with a text editor).
I have a site with other areas in sub-folders like for example /forum and this SEO is messing my links up on my forum, what do I do?
You will need to add lines to your .htaccess to tell your site not to modify the links to your forum or other areas on your site.
Example for a sub directory called /forum:
RewriteRule ^forum/.*$ - [PT]
Put this rewrite rule before any conditions.