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I keep getting logged out of the manager?

There can be few reasons why you can get logged out we will cover them below.
1. You have reached the PHP session kill time limit.
You can try to adjust the session timeout on your hosting / server in the PHP settings.

To adjust php setting session timeout you will need to add this line:
Example if using a .htaccess file:
php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 5000
Example if using a php.ini file:
session.gc_maxlifetime = 5000

The 5000 is in seconds, you can change that to what you want. By default most hosting have this set to 1440 seconds (24 minutes).

2. Your hosting doesn't have ioncube support in the manager/widget directory. For example if you are using a custom php.ini file in the store front you can copy that custom file to ever manager/widget/X directory where x is the widget.
Contact your hosting or our ktools support and see if either of us can assist in getting ioncube setup in that directory.
This is kind of rare, and you can determine if this is the issue by simply visiting your dashboard in the manager. If you see error messages like "failed to load" etc.. on the widgets then this could be the issue.

3. Your computer.
To make sure your computer isn't the one with the issue, try a different computer, or better yet a different computer from a different network.