PhotoStore Documentation

How do I allow only members to download photos for free?

If you only want members to download it for free then you have to set it up
that way. Here is how to do it.
Go to Users > Members and click on the Groups button in the toolbar area. Then create a
group that you will use to assign members to.
Then create a digital profile for the free download under Library >
Digital Profiles. Set the size to something really high that is larger than any
of your original media that will use this profile. That way it will force it to grab
the original each time this profile is downloaded. Set the price to "Free Download". Then under the
Advanced tab click the people icon next to Permissions and assign permissions only to
the group you just created.
Now everyone on that group will be able to see that digital profile that
you created. Now the last thing you will want to do is if you want only logged
in members to see this then go to Settings > Website Settings and click on
the Members tab. Then under "Login Groups" choose the group that you created
earlier. This will assign anyone who logs in, to that group while they are logged
in. So therefore they will be able to see the digital profile you created and
download that one for free.