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Syntax Error in template

Syntax Error in template "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

It is usually because you used a { or } in your content (Manager -> Library -> Content). This doesn't include clips, clips are ok so long as they are proper, example of a good clip {$settings.site_url}, a bad one is like {$ setting.site_url} (notice space between $ and s). To correct this error go into the content and edit out all the { or } characters or fix any bad clips you may of had to correct the issue. Those characters can not be used unless used as a clip (see area above content box for example clips you can use). The { and } are used by smarty template engine and if they don't pull a valid variable the template syntax error will show.

Most common cause:
The most common cause is pasting content into the content editor after copying it from Microsoft Word. If you paste items into the content editor from Microsoft Word be sure to use the "past from word" button instead of using control+v or right click paste. The past from word will try to remove the additional formating that isn't needed. It would be better to try and just avoid pasting content copied from Microsoft Word, but you can do it, it just requires a little work on your part to clean up the formating code so it doesn't break the smarty template engine built into the store with the improper use of the { or } characters.