PhotoStore Documentation

How to navigate around in the manager?

Once you are logged into the manager there will be a navigation menu at the top of the page. This navigation menu is a hover/drop down type menu to where if you hover your cursor over a menu item it will expand (drop down) and show areas you can click on to navigate to.

Example if you wish to add new media to the store you would hover your cursor or mouse over the Library menu item, and then you should see a drop down list with several selections available. You would then click on the Add New Media, and you will be redirected to the area of the manager to upload and import new items to your store.


Most areas in the manager will look like this:
Manager Area

1. This is the tool bar area, you can use the icons to create new listing, delete, select all, etc..

2. This is the actions drop down, what you select here will be applied to all selected items in the list below. Not all areas will have an actions area.

3. This is the actual list of items itself.

4. This is the quick edit area for each item in the list. Eample if you want to deactivate this item you would click on green check to deactivate it. Some areas of the manager have more options here than others. Some have none, there is also a quick actions area, like in this example is the edit button which will allow you to edit the item in the list. The check box can be checked and then an action can be performed on it (see 2 above).

5. This is the paging area, if the list is so long it will have more than one page.