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When creating or editing a gallery you will see a set of tabs to select in order to configure the gallery to work how you need it to. We will cover each of these tabs below.



Gallery or Event Name

This will be a title, or name you give to the gallery, try to make it short and simple so it is easy to read and find on your store front.

This will be the description of what the gallery is.


Check this box if you would like for the gallery to be active, uncheck it to deactivate it.


You can attach and icon or avatar to this gallery, this icon will show above the gallery name in the gallery list on the store front.

Active Date

Set a date in the future if you wish for this gallery to be visible later and not right at the time of it's creation. To use this click on the set date option from the drop down box to enter in a date.

Expire Date

Set a date for when this gallery is to expire, if you wish for it to never expire just set this to the never option. To use this click on the set date option from the drop down box to enter in a date.

Direct Link
This is a direct link to the gallery on the store front and can be used to view it.

This is the owner of the gallery. This doesn't mean that only the owner can view this gallery, it is just simply showing who owns it. You can control who is able to view this under the permissions area.
Allow Contributions: Put a check in this box to allow contributors to your site to upload media to this gallery.
IMPORTANT: You will only see the allow contributions option if the store has the contributors addon installed.  


Parent Gallery
Here you can select what parent this gallery should go under to make this a sub-gallery.


Event Details
Display Event Details
By checking this you will show all the event details entered below on the store front for this gallery.
Client Name
This is an area to enter in a client name if this event is for a client (example would be a wedding, enter the wedding couples name).
Event Code or ID

Enter in a code or ID that represents this event.

Date of Event
Enter a date that the event took place.
Event Location
Enter in the event location or other information here.


Use this area to set who can view this gallery, by default it will be set to everyone which means everyone can view it. To change this go ahead and click on the people icon and then use that area to select what members, memberships, groups, etc.. get to view this gallery. If you do not have any members, memberships, or groups created then you will not see any choices listed.
If you wish to make this gallery password protected then enter a password here.


Default Gallery Sorting
Here you can setup how you wish for this gallery to be sorted by default.
Sort Number
Use this to sort your gallery in a specified order. It sorts by numeric-alphabetic. So for example if you put a 0 here, it will be first. If you put an A here it will show up after any numbers before it.