PhotoStore Documentation

Library > Add New Media [Upload]

The add new media area consist of several different areas to help upload, visualize, and import photos. We will cover the areas shown in the example below.

Add New Media Area

1. Click on the upload new media button to open the media upload window. In the media upload window you will be able to select the media you wish to upload to your store.
2. This area is used to select or deselect, as well as to view a preview of the media.

3. Use these buttons to refresh the view, or remove the selected media.

4. The folders of media are listed here, you can click on a photo to auto check all media in it, click on folder again to uncheck all media in it. The folders will only show if you are uploading photos using FTP. If you are using the upload media area then there will be no folders in the list.

5. You can select or deselect individual images that you wish to work with.

6. After you have selected the media that you wish to import you can click on the continue button.