PhotoStore Documentation

Library > Digital Collections [Edit View]

The edit collections area consist of several tabs to help you configure how you wish to sell the collections. We will cover each of those tabs and the settings under them now.


Collection Name: Enter the name of the collection you wish to sell. Basically this is a title of the overall collection.
Description: Enter a description of what this collection is about.
Quantity: You can specify how many of these you have to sell. If unlimited just leave the input box blank.
Active: You can check this to make the collection active and visible for sale. Uncheck it to deactivate this item.


Collection Price: Enter a price for which you wish to sell this collection for.

Credits: Use this area to input the amount of credits it takes to purchase this item. This will only show if you have credits turned on in the manager.
Taxable: Put a check in this box if this collection is taxable.


Type of Collection: Use this drop down to select the type of collection this will be. Early version of PhotoStore only had one option here, and no others are available.
Galleries: You can put a check in a box for any full gallery collections. Example if you have a gallery called Animals and you wish to sell all media in it as one collection, then put a check in the Animals gallery box.


Product Shots
Click on the add new button to upload an image to represent this collection. This is optional.


Advertise On Homepage: Put a check in this box to show this collection in a featured area of the homepage.
Advertise On Featured Page: Put a check in this box to show this collection on the featured page of your store. The featured page can consist of any items that you have featured.


Item Code: You can enter an optional item code here, this will only be seen and used by you. 
Permissions: Set who is able to purchase this collection. Click on the people icon to select groups, memberships, or members that are allowed to use this. Defaul is set to Everyone.
Internal Notes: Use this area to enter any internal notes that only you will be able to view and use.