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Library > Prints [Edit View]

The edit prints area consist of several tabs to help you configure the prints the way you wish to sell it. We will cover those tabs and the settings under them now.


Print Name: Use this area to give the print a name or title that will be displayed on your store front.
Description: Use this area to give the print a description, this will show on the front end.
Active: Check this box to make this print active, uncheck it to deactivate the print.


Print Price: Input a price that you wish to sell the print for.

Credits: Use this area to input the amount of credits it takes to purchase this item. This will only show if you have credits turned on in the manager.
Taxable: Check this box if this print is taxable. If not taxable then uncheck this box.
Multiple: Check this box if you wish to allow the customer to purchase more than one of these at a time on the same order.


Attachment: Use this drop down box to select how you wish to attach this print to existing media in your store. Example you can assign this to just one gallery and the media in it. Or you can assign this to all media and galleries in your store.


Product Shots
Click on the add new button to upload an image to represent this print. This is optional.


This area can be used to create addtional options for this print, like for example paper type, color mode, etc.. These options can be used to adjust the overall price of the print depending on the values and selections made during checkout.
To add a new option group click on the add new icon to the top left of the area.
Give the option group a name by typing it in under the option group name column.
You can clcik on the Options button to actually create options for that option group. Once you have clicked on the options button you will get a new popup window where you can click on the new option tab. In that tab you can assign a Options Name and Price. The Options list tab allows you to view what options are already created for this options group. You can also drag and drop the options to sort them for display on the store front.
From the option group list you can use the drop down under the Type column to adjust how these options can be selected on the store front. The default is Dropdown, but can be changed to checkboxes or radio buttons.


Item Weight: Enter in the weight of the item here, so shipping can be calculated on it.
Additional Shipping: You can assign additional shipping charges that will be added to the regular charge. Example if this item is oversized or overweight of your shipper company you can adjust the price here to cover the difference.

Print Groups:
You can use this area to select a group that this print can belong to. Then you can use these groups during importing media so you can select an entire group of prints instead of having to select one print at a time.

IMPORTANT: You will only see this tab if you have the contributors addon installed.
Contributor Selling: Put a check in this box if you wish to allow contributors to attach this profile to media they are selling through your site.
Commission Type: In this drop down box you can select the type of commission the contributor will earn from any sales of this profile.
Commission Value: (shown if type above is set to dollar value) This is to be set for the actual dollar value the commission will be when this item is sold for a contributor. 
Commission Level: (shown if type above is set to percentage) This slider / text box can be adjusted to how much you would like a contributor to earn from a sale of this profile.


Advertise On Homepage: Put a check in this box to show this print in a featured area of the homepage.
Advertise On Featured Page: Put a check in this box to show this print on the featured page of your store. The featured page can consist of any items that you have featured.


Item Code: Use this box to enter an item code, this is for internal use only and only you will see this. This will not show on the store front anywhere.
Permissions: Set who is able to purchase this print. Click on the people icon to select groups, memberships, or members that are allowed to use this. Defaul is set to Everyone.
Internal Notes: Use this area to enter any internal notes that only you will be able to view and use.