PhotoStore Documentation

Library > Folders [List View]

By default you should not have to touch this area as the store is configured to automatically manage the folders for you. The list view area will show a list of folders that you or your store has created. By default there is none created. If you are doing this manually then you must create any and all folders that you wish to store media in. These folders can also be created manually during the import of photos in the library -> add new media area. Use the toolbar area icons to create, select all, select none, delete selected, or group folders. You can click on the folders in the list to edit them, or you can click on the edit icon under the actions area. Click on the delete icon to delete that folder. Deleting a folder will cause all media under it to be removed from your store, this includes the entire listing for that media. Once deleted there is no way to get this data back, you would have to reupload the media to get it back. You can view the other areas for more info about the folder, like how many files and filesizes are in it.