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Library > Licenses [Edit View]

The edit license area is to help you configure the license the way you wish to sell it.


License Name: Use this area to give the license a name or title that will be displayed on your store front. Description: Use this area to give the license a description.
 Type: Use this drop down box to select the type of license this will be. A regular license type will be treated as royalty free. A contact us type will force users to contact you before they can purchase. A free download type will make the store treat the item as a free download that anyone can download. A rights managed type will make the store treat it as rights managed. When selecting rights managed you will see a new button in which you can configure how the pricing will be.
Attach License: Use this to attach a content you created to a license title. This will make the title "clickable" on the store front so people can view the license information you may of created in the content area.