PhotoStore Documentation

Users > Administrators [Edit View]

If you click on edit button to edit an administator you will see three tabs with various settings. We will cover those settings below:


Administrator Details
Username: Use this to set the username of the account.
Password: Use this to set the password for the account.

Email: Use this to specify the email address for this account.

Active: Put a check in this box to set the account as active. Uncheck it to deactivate the account.



In the permissions area you can allow or not allow this administrator to do certain task in the manager. If you want the admin to have access to the entire library area you can just put a check in the top box in the library area heading. Or if you want just certain areas of the library you can just check the needed boxes below it.


Activity Log
This area will show recent activities that were done by this administrator. If this is a new account you will not see anything listed here.