PhotoStore Documentation

Users > Members [List View]

In the members list view you will see a list of members to your store. If this is a new store you will not see any members listed here. You can use the toolbar area to create, select all, select none, delete, search, data, groups, and show users by memberships. You can use the data tool to adjust what is shown in the columns of the list, be sure to click the update button to the right to view the changes. Use the search tool to find that member you are looking for. You can delete members by clicking on the delete button below the actions column. You can quickly change the status of the account by hovering over the status in the status column and then clicking on a different status. You can email the member by clicking on their email address in the list. If you need to edit the member just click on the edit button located under the actions column next to the member you need to edit.