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Users > Members [Edit View]

The edit members area consist of several tabs and a lot of settings to configure. We will cover those settings and areas below:


Signup Date/Time: This is the date that the account was created on.

First Name: This is the first name of the member.

Last Name: This is the last name of the member.

Email: This the email address to this member. To block an email of someone you do not want to be able to use that email to signup you can click on the block email button below the email box.

Password: This is the password for this members account. You can click on the password generator box to generate a password if you need to get one.

Company Name: This is the company name that this member is representing (if any).

Website: This area will list a URL that the member entered in during signup. You can click on the visit website button to open that website in a new window.

Phone Number: This is the members phone number.

Status: Use this drop down to select the status of this members account.

Notes: Additional notes for this account. The member will not be able to view these notes, they are for your use only.


Address: This area is used to enter the members address.

City: The members city that they are located in.

Country: The country that this member is located in.

State / Province: The state or province that this member lives in.

Zip / Postal Code: The zip or postal code that this member uses.



If you have created memberships then you will see them listed here and select a membership that this member belongs to. By default there is the basic membership, which is built into the store. If you have not created any membershps, then everyone will be assigned to this default membership.


This area shows orders that have been placed or processed by the member.



This area shows any bills that have or needs to be paid. You can also create a bill by clicking the New Bill buton.


This area will show lightboxes that have been created by this member.


This area will show all ratings that this member has put into your store.


This area will show all comments that this member has put into your store.



This area will show all tags that this member has put into your store.



This area will show all tickets that were submitted by this member. You can even make new tickets by clicking on the New Ticket button.

IMPORTANT: You will only see this tab if you have the contributors addon install.
You can use this area to view what they have sold, pay their commissions, and find other information.   


This area will show downloads done by this account.


This area will list any current or past subscriptions that were used on this account. You can click on the Add Subscription button to setup a new subscription to allow members to use.


Activity Log
This area will show the activities that this member has done.



Bio Update: This will show the last time the bio was updated.

Bio: This area is the actual data of the bio.

Status: This is the status of the current bio. Use the drop down box to change the status.

You can use this area to assign the member to a particular group you may of created.  


Profile View: This shows how many times their profile was viewed by other store visitors.
Commission Level: You can use this drop down box to assign this member to have a custom commission or use the commission setting on the membership plan they are assigned to. (this is only visible if you have the contributors addon installed)
Commission Payment Method: Use this to select how you wish to pay commission to the member. (this is only visible if you have the contributors addon installed)  
Showcase Contributor: Put a check in this box to showcase this contributor. (this is only visible if you have the contributors addon)   

Allow Bill Me Later: Put a check in this box to allow the user to use the bill me later feature so they can download now and pay later.

Credits: This shows the current number of credits that this member currently has in their account.

Avatar: This is an area where you can view the avatar or icon that the member uploaded to represent themselves.

Signup IP Address: This is the address of this member when they signed up for the account.

Last Login IP: This is the address of this member the last time they logged in.

Referrer: This may show the location that the member came from in order to signup on your site.