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Users > Support Tickets [Edit View]

If you click on a ticket in the list you will be taken to the ticket edit area where you can read the ticket and answer it. In this area at the top you will see the member details of the member that submitted the ticket. You can click on their email address to email them. To the right of that area you can view the ticket id, ticket open date, ticket last updated date, and the current status of the ticket.


Summary: Thsi is the summary or subject of the ticket.

Reply: Use this content editor area to reply to this ticket.

Ticket Conversation: This shows the history of the ticket and all replies from both party (store owner & member).

Files: You can use this area to attach a file so the member can then download or view the file.

Notify Member: Put a check in this box if you wish for the store to contact the member to let them know there was an update to the ticket.

Set Status To: Use this drop down box to select the status you wish to set the ticket to. If you expect a reply to this ticket, do not set the status to closed! Keep the ticket open until both parties have resolved the issue.