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Sales > Orders [List View]

Visiting the orders area of your manager will show you a list of orders placed in your store. Depending on the status of the order you may or may not have to process it. Example if an order payment status shows paid but the order status shows pending then you would want to check to be sure you did get the money and if so then go ahead and process the order. If the order payment status shows processing then it means the customer is working on making payment or started the process but left your site. So you would do nothing until you see that payment status change. You can change either the payment or order status by hovering your cursor over the status in the list and then selecting another status from the popup menu. You can use the toolbar area to select all, select none, delete, data, search, filter, or group the orders. If you click on data in the toolbar it will open an area up to where you can check a box for the columns you wish to view in the list. Uncheck to hide that column from view. You can delete an order by clicking on the delete button under the actions column. You can also clcik on the edit button to edit an order.