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Sales > Orders [Edit View]

Once you click on an order in the list you will be taken to the edit view. From here you can see two boxes at the top. The left box will contain the information for the customer. You can click on their email address to send them an email. The box to the right will have information about the order and ability to change status of the order. Then the box to the right of that has the payment information and you can change the payment status there. You can click on the invoice number to view a printable invoice. The invoice number is configurable and is what the customer will see on their end. The tabs below this contain a lot of settings that can be configured for this order. We will cover those tabs below.


Order Details

Order Number: This is an internal number used by the store to make this a unique order and tie it together with the items purchased in this order.

Order Date / Time: This is the date and time the order was placed.

Customer: This is the customers details. If this was not a member of your site then you will see guest instead.

Admin Notes: These are for your use only, these will not be displayed to the customer.

Notes to Member: You can enter details here for the customer to view, all notes posted here will show on the order details page.


This area list items that were purchased for this order. You can reset the download expiration and limits here (if it is a download item). You can also remove items from the order by clicking on the remove button.


Invoice Details
Invoice Number: This is the public number that the customer will see. This invoice number is customizable in your manager website settings.

Subtotal: This is the subtotal of the order before coupons, taxes, shipping, etc..

Tax: This is the amount of tax charged for this order.

Shipping: This is the amount of shipping charged for this order.

Total: This is the overall total of the order.

Total Credits: This is the amount of credits used for this order.

Payment Date / Time: This is the date and time the payment for the order was made.

Coupon Used: This area will list any coupons used for this order.

Currency Used: This shows what currency the customer had selected when they made the purchase.



Post Back Variables: This shows the raw data posted to your store from the payment gateway. It can be used to troubleshoot any issue if needed.


Order Shipping Status: Use this area to let the customer know if the order was shipped or not.

Ship To: This is the address in which to ship the order to. If none shown here you will need to use the address provided by the payment gateway in the transaction details.

Shipping Method: Use this drop down to select what method the item will be shipped.



Public Order Details Page Link: If your customer has issues finding the link in their email or don't know it, you can provide this link to them so they can review the order.

Public Invoice Link: This is pretty much the same as above, but this is a printable version. They can also use the link above to find the printable version as well.