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Sales > Billings [Edit View]

The edit billings area consists of two areas at the two and main area below it. The left top box will show the members information. You can click on their email to sent them a message. The top box on the rigth shows the invoice ID, and totals. You can click on the invoice number to view a printable version. You can also change payment status in this box by hovering over it and select the new status. The area below shows the details of this bill. We will cover that area below.



Invoice Number: This is the invoice number for this bill.

For Member: This shows the member that this bill is for. If creating a new bill you can select who this is for by clicking on the people icon. From there you will see a list of uses, to select a user use the alphabit below the selection box to narrow it down to the name of the member you want to select.

Items: This shows a list of items for this bill and how much each cost. You can add more items by clicking the add new button.
Orders: This shows a list of orders (bill later) that would be included in this bill.

Status: This shows the current status of this bill. You can change the status by selecting an item from the drop down box.

Bill Date: This shows the date the bill was created.

Due Date: This shows the date on which the bill is due to be paid.