PhotoStore Documentation

Sales > Contributor Sales [Edit View]

When you click on the sales record to edit or view it, you will be taken to this area. In this area you can view or edit certain things in this sales record.

Media: This shows the acutal media that was purchased, or the item that was purchased for this media listing.
Item Ordered: This shows what type of item was ordered.
Member: This shows the contributor who uploaded this media and who the commission will go to.
Payment Status: This shows the current status of the payment on this commission or sale.
Order Number: This shows the order number for this sales record, and also provides a link in which can be clicked to view the entire order.
Commission: This shows how much is owed to the contributor. There will be a pay button to the right of the dollar value in which you can click on to make payment to the contributor.
Sale Date: This shows the date the sale took place.
Date Marked as Paid: This shows the date that this commission was paid out.