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Content Editor > Page Content [List View]

The list view for content is divided into three areas. The top area which is called General Content Areas is content that is built into the store. These content can not be deleted. They however can be edited. These are pages that exists in your store like contact us, about us, etc.. The second area is Your Content Pages, these are new pages that you can create for your store and there will be links on your homepage to these new pages. These can be deleted if you no longer need them. The last area is Your Content Blocks, content blocks are for advanced users that know how to edit template files. You can take the code snippet and place it in the template to have this content show where you want it to on your site. The code snippet provided is smarty template coding and will look like {content id=XX} where XX is an actual ID number of the content block.

Use the toolbar area to create, select all, select none, and delete content. You can edit a content by clicking on it or clicking on the edit button in the actions column. You can activate or deactivate a content by clicking on the green or grayed out check mark. You can delete a content by clicking on the delete button in the actions column.