PhotoStore Documentation

Content Editor > Page Content [Edit View]

If you click on a content or edit button next to the content you will be taken to the content edit area. In this area you can edit a content using the following settings.


Code: This shows the actual smarty template code that you can use directly in a template file. This is for advanced users that know how to edit template files and wish to place a content area in a certain area of the store.

Content Area Name: This is the name you would give to the content area. This may or may not be used on the frontend of your store as a title depending on the type of content it is. So make sure you give it a proper title.

Clips: This shows you all the available data that can be automatically pulled into a content. Example, if you want your business name to show you would do like, "Welcome to: {$config.settings.business_name}". That way it will automatically replace the clip {$config.settings.business_name} with the real business name.

Content: In this area you will see a content editor (WYSIWYG). You can edit the text, change font types, colors, size, insert images, hyper links, etc.. to build your content for that page or block. You can also use the clips shown above to pull in data from the store and display it dynamically.
File Upload: You can use this are to upload for example a image you wish to use in the content. Then after uploading you can use the add image icon of the content editor itself to enter in the URL to that image you just uploaded.

Internal Notes: These are used for your purpose only and will not be visible anywhere else.

Active: Put a check in this box to make the content active, uncheck it to make it deactivated.