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Content Editor > Email Content [List View]

The email content list view consists of three areas. The first area is User Emails, these emails are what users of your store will get depending on what they do in your store. The second area is Admin Emails, these are emails that you will get as various things are done on your store. Example if someone signs up you will get an email as well as the user that signed up. In these two areas emails templates can not be deleted as they are built in and used by the store for various things. The last area is Your Emails, these are emails that you have created and the store will not use them. However you can use them to send to customers or clients as needed. These emails that you create can be deleted as they are not tied into the store functions. Use the toolbar area to create, select all, select none, or delete emails. You can edit an email template by clicking on it in the list or clicking on the edit button in the actions column. To delete a email template just click on the delete button next to it in the actions column.