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Content Editor > News Articles [Edit View]

The news article create or edit area consists of a couple tabs and some settings, we will go over them detail below.


News Details

Publish Date / Time: This is the date and time that you wish for the news to be shown on your site, you can set it into the future and it will show when that time is reached.

Title: This is the title of the news article.

Short Description: This is a short description of the article, this will show on the public side and users can then click on it to view the rest of the article.

Article: This is the full news article and will be shown on the store front when a user visits this news article page.
File Upload: Use this area to upload for example an image you would to use in the email content. Then use the image icon of the editor itself to enter in the URL to the image you just uploaded.

Active: Put a check in this box to display the item, uncheck it to make it deactivated.

Homepage: Put a check in this box to show this article on the homepage in the news area. Uncheck it to remove it from the homepage.


Expire Date: You can enter a date here for when the news will expire and no longer be visible on your store front.