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Content Editor > Licenses & Agreements [Edit View]

For the sake of this area will call all Licenses & Agreements a TOS (terms of service).


If you clicked on a TOS to edit it or if you are creating a new one  you will see the edit screen with a few areas to configure. We will cover those areas below.

Code: This is code that you can use to manually program this content into your photostore template/theme that you are using.

License & Agreement Name: Use this to enter a name of this license and agreement. This may be used on the store front so make sure to give it a proper name or title.

Clips: These are code snippets that can be used in the content of this TOS to pull in data dynamically from your store when it is viewed. Example if you wish to show the business name you would use: {$config.settings.business_name} and when it is viewed that code will be replaced with the real business name of your site.

Content: This is a content editor area (WYSIWYG) and you can format the text size, color, insert hyperlinks, images, etc.. Edit the content to how you wish for it to be displayed on your store.
File Upload: Use this area to upload for example an image you would to use in the email content. Then use the image icon of the editor itself to enter in the URL to the image you just uploaded.