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Settings > Countries [Edit View]

When editing a country you will see several tabs and settings to configure it. We will covers those settings in detail below.

Country Name: This is the name of the country.
Country Code (2): This would be the two letter code for the country.
Country Code (3): This is where you would enter the three letter code for the country.
Active:  Put a check in this box to make the country active.

Shipping Methods: This area display what shipping methods are available for this country. You can configure shipping methods in settings -> shipping area.
Shipping Adjustment: You can use this to adjust how much is charged for this country. Example if this is a country other than your own, you may want to charge more, so you could adjust the 100% to 200% and that would charge twice as much.

Numeric Code: You can specify the ISO-3166-1 numeric code for your country here, some gateways may need this code.
Longitude: This is the longitude for this country.
Latitude: This is the latitude for this country.
Region: Specify a region this country is in.