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Settings > Shipping [Edit View]

The shipping edit area consists of several tabs and settings, we will cover them in detail below.

Shipping Method Name: This is the name of the shipping method you created, it can be the name of the carrier or something that represents what it is like 2 day shipping, express shipping, etc..
Shipping Days: This is the average delivery time of the shipping method.
Description: This is the description of the shipping method.
Active: Put a check in this box to make this shipping method active, uncheck it to deactivate it.

Shipping Regions: This area will allow you to specify what region this shipping is allowed in. So anyone that checks out on your store front that lives in that region will have the option to use this as a shipping method. You can setup regions, states, and postal codes in the settings -> states, settings -> country, and settings -> postal code area.

Calculate Shipping By: Use this drop down to select how you would like to calculate shipping. Depending on the selection here some areas may dissappear or re-appear.
Cost Calculations: You can use this to select how to calculate the cost between a fixed amount or a precentage.
Ranges: Certain shipping calculations will allow you to specify a range at which shipping values are changed. You can add additional ranges by clicking on the add range button. All ranges must be filled in, in order to save these. If not filled in correctly you will get a warning message.
Taxable: Put a check in this box if the shipping is taxable for you.

Internal Shipping Notes: Use this area to create notes for yourself about this shipping. This will ony be visible here, and no where else in the store.