PhotoStore Documentation

Settings > Taxes

In this tax area you can configure how your store is to charge taxes on orders.

Tax A Name: This is a name that you can give to tax A. The store allows you to charge up to three different taxes per order so they are just lettered A, B, and C for reference.
Tax B Name: This is the name that you can give to tax B.
Tax C Name: This is the name that you can give to tax C.
Sales Tax Message: You can input a message here that will be displayed next to the taxes shown on the store front to customers. Like for example if you are legally requires to display your tax information you can do so here.

Tax Setup: Use this area to setup how much the taxes are, and what they are charged on. For example you can tax globally where everyone has to pay the same tax reqardless of where they live. Or you can set it up to tax based on region. To tax on region, go ahead and select that tab and then save. After you save then you can go back to the configuration tab and now you will see regions that you can configure. You can also tax on both digital items or physical items separately.