PhotoStore Documentation

Settings > Credit Packages [Edit View]

When editing or creating a credit package you will see several tabs and settings used to configure it. We will cover those settings below.

Credit Package Name: This is a name that you can give the credit package.
Description: This is the description of what the credit package is about, example you can talk about how many credits they will get, etc..
Price: Specify how much this credit package cost. This is the overall cost of the entire package.
Credits: Specify how many credits the user will get when they order this package.
Taxable: Put a check in this box to let the store know that this credit package is taxable.
Active: Put a check in this box to activate the credit package and show it on the store front. Uncheck it to deactivate it.

Product Shot
Use this area to upload a graphic that will represent this credit package. This is optional and not needed.

Advertise On Homepage: Put a check in this box to show this credit package on your home page.
Advertise On Featured Page: Put a check in this box to show this credit package on the featured page area in the top menu of your store front.

Item Code: This is for internal use only and will not be visible to the store front.
Permission: Use this area to configure who is allowed to order this package. You can set it to everyone or click on the people icon to adjust who is allowed to order it.
Internal Notes: Use this area for internal notes only. These notes will only be shown here.