PhotoStore Documentation

Settings > Subscriptions [Edit View]

When editing or creating a subscription you will see several tabs and settings that can be configured. We will go over those settings below.

Subscription Name: This is the name that you can give to the subscription.
Description: This is where you can enter in a description of what the subscription is.
Price: Use this area to set how much this subscription will cost.
Credits: You will see this only if you have the credit system installed and have it turned on to use credits for subscriptions. Use this area to specify how many credits this subscription will cost.
Total Downloads: This is how many downloads this subscription is allowed before it expires/stops.
Downloads Per Day: This this to specify how many downloads someone can do in one day when using this subscription.
Duration: You can use this to specify how long the subscription is to last (this is mandatory).
Download Items: You can select here what items are allowed to be downloaded using this subscription.
Taxable: Put a check in this box if this subscription is a taxable item, uncheck if not.
Active: Put a check in this box for this item to be active on the site, uncheck it to deactivate it from the site.

Product Shots
Use this area to upload a graphic that will represent this subscription (product) in your store. Click the add button to open the upload box and upload the image. You can also use this area to delete a product shot if you have one already uploaded.

Advertise On Homepage: Put a check in this box to advertise this on the home page.
Advertise On Featured Page: Put a check in this box to advertise this on the featured page.

Item Code: You can use this to specify an internal item code.
Permissions: You can use this to set who is allowed to order this subscription type. You can click on the people button to change the permissions.
Notes: This is internal notes that you can specify for your use only.