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Settings > Promotions & Coupons [Edit View]

When creating or editing a coupon you will see various tabs and settings that can be configured, we will cover those below.

Promotion / Coupon Name: Use this area to specify a name for this coupon.
Description: You can use this to describe the coupon or promotion offer.
Promo / Coupon Type: Use this to select what type of coupon this item will be. At this time you can do precentage off and enter in a percent value. You can do dollar off and enter in how much to take off the total of the cart. You can do free shipping, in which no shipping will be charged for that order it is used on. You can do no tax, in which no taxes will be charged for the order it is used on. You can do bulk discount in which you can specify how many they can buy and how many they get free (like for example a buy 2 get 1 free).
Promotion / Coupon Code: Enter in a code here, this will be the actual code that the user will have to enter in order to use the coupon.
Minimum Purchase: This is the amount they must have in the cart before the coupon will become valid.
Quantity Remaining: Use this box to specify a quantity for this coupon, the number of times this coupon can be used before it is no longer valid in your store.
One Use Per Member: You can put a check in this box to allow a member to use this coupon only one time.
Automatically Applied: Put a check in this box if you wish for the coupon to automatically be applied to the orders in your store.
Active: Put a check in this box to make this coupon active. Uncheck it to deactivate it.

Product Shot
Use this area to upload a graphic that will represent this coupon (product). You can also use this area to delete any graphics you may of already uploaded. Click on the add button to upload a graphic.

Advertise On Homepage: Put a check in this box to advertise this coupon on the home page of your PhotoStore.
Advertise On Cart Page: Put a check in this box to advertise this coupon on the cart page so all users getting ready to checkout will see it.
Advertise On Promo Page: Put a check in this box to advertise this coupon on the featured promo page.

Permissions: Use this area to set who is allowed to use this coupon. Click on the people icon to adjust the setting.
Internal Notes: Use this area to enter in a note for yourself, will not be shown on the store front.
Direct Link: This is a direct link to the coupon that you can give to people. When someone visits that link the coupon will already be applied to their visit, and anything they add to their cart during that visit.