PhotoStore Documentation

Settings > Utilities

The utilities area allows you to do certain functions in your PhotoStore, we will cover all of the areas below.

Update Gallery Media Counts: While for the most part this is usually automatic, you may find a time where you will want to manually update the gallery media counts. You can do so by clicking on the button for this.
Clear Cache: You can use this button to clear the stored cache files for the store. You may need to use this if you are having an issue seeing a change in your store. Like for example if you changed something and you are not seeing the change, you can use this to clear the cache files and see the changes right away.
Create A Restore Point: Make a restore point for your site settings. If something goes wrong you can restore the settings to this point. This includes the 'website settings', 'Look & Feel' and 'Software Setup' areas only.
Restore Settings: You can use this area to restore to a previous restore point you have created.
Database Cleanup: Use this button to clean out any un-used data in your database.
Purge Activity Logs: You can use this to delete older logs from your system. You can set the date at which to delete all logs before that date. This should be done every now and then depending on how much traffic your site generates.
Send Test Email: Use this to test sending emails.
Perform Database Backup: Click this button to do a backup of the database. Database backups will be stored in the /assets/backup directory of your store files. If you want a true backup of this it is recommended that you use an FTP client or website control panel to download these files!
System Activity Log: Click this button to view the system activity logs.
Print / Download Activity Logs: You can use this area to dowload or print up activity logs from your store.