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he contributors addon is now available for photostore 4.1.0 or greater.

To use this addon you must of purchased it from our site and install it.

How to install:
To install this addon download the contributors addon package from your account and extract the files on your computer. Upload the addon file to the assets/addons/ directory of your photostore. If you are already logged into the manager you will need to log out and log back in to see the changes. You may even have to visit your homepage (store front) and hit ctrl + r to kill your session so you can see the changes.

Start Using the Addon:
To start using the addon you will first want to setup a membership plan that the contributors can use. To do this go to your manager -> users -> membership plans area and either create a new plan or edit an existing one. In there you will see a contributors tab in which you can allow them to upload and sell media on your site. There are a bunch of related options in that area you can configure to allow or not allow contributors to do. After that you will need to go to the various areas of your manager to allow contributors to use certain items you have created. Example go to Library -> Galleries / Events and click on a gallery you have created. Now go to the options tab and at bottom you will see an option to allow contributor to use this. You will need to put checks in all galleries you wish the contributors to be able to put their media in. You will also need to do this for other areas like library -> digital profiles to allow them to select profiles for sale, or library -> prints to allow them to sell prints, etc..
If you are selling items on your store using credits you may want to go to settings -> website settings of your manager area and specify how much comissions contributors will earn from sales that use credits instead of currency. For currency commissions you can set that on a per membership plan, or on a per member basis. To change it on the members account go to the manager -> users -> members area and click on a contributor you have. From the edit area click on advanced tab and you can set the commission there.

Now that you have that configured users can now signup on your site to become contributors (members) using that membership plan. They can use the add media area and start uploading/importing photos into your store front from within their members account (after they log in).