PhotoStore Documentation

What files do what?

We get asked a lot of times about what files must be edited to change this or that. In this article we will try to cover as many files and info about how the store is structured for those that plan to customize their store.

The store is built in two layers, the actual PHP files which do all the processing, pulling data, etc.. and then the template files (smarty engine) and CSS which load all the processed data from PHP for display on the store front. The CSS is for styling in the site, it controls colors, fonts, etc.. When you are in the store manager settings -> look & feel -> theme area and you select a theme you are basically telling the store what set of template files and CSS file to use.

If you wish to learn how to program things in PHP the best place to start is on their official website

If you wish to learn the programming techniques used in the template files you can visit their offical site at

The template files are located in the store files at assets/themes/X where X is the name of the theme. For this aritcle we will use the classic theme as an example. The folder name for the classic them is called "default" so the classic theme template files are at assets/themes/default/. In that directory will be a bunch of *.tpl files, those files are the actual smarty engine based template file that the store will use to show various parts of your store front end. The filename of each file kind of tells you where or what that template file is for. Example the about.tpl is for the about us page in your store front. We will go over some of the files below for the classic theme, other themes may have more or less files but always try to use the name of the file to understand what it may be used for. All of these template files are for the store front area, the manager area of your store does not use template files. 
about.tpl - This is the about us page. 
account.edit.tpl - This is the members account edit area.
account.tpl - This is the members account area. 
bill.details.tpl - This is the bill details page for a particular bill for a member/user. 
bills.tpl - This is the overview of all bills for a members/user account. - Just a dummy file, an example.
captcha.tpl - This is the captcha area anywhere in the store. 
cart.payment.tpl - This is the page seen just before you are redirected to a gateway that was selected during checkout. 
cart.payment_mollieideal.tpl - Same as above but just for iDeal Mollie payment gateway only. - The cart review page during checkout. 
cart.shipping.tpl - During checkout this is the page in which shipping options are displayed that the user can select from. 
cart.tpl - The "view cart" page of your store. This is where users can view their cart and what is added to it, remove items, add coupon code, etc.. - If a user orders a collection this is the page they can view in which they can download all files from it, it shows a list of items in the collection for download. 
collection.tpl - This is a workbox (popover) in which shows a particular collection, how much it is, add to cart etc.. 
comments.tpl - Shows the list of comments for a particular media. 
config.php - This is a PHP file that is used to configure the current theme. Give the theme it's name, etc.. 
contact.tpl - The contact us page on your store front. 
content.tpl - This loads pages and content that you may of created in the store manager -> content editor -> page content area. - This is the add media area for members/contributors of your store. 
contributor.import.list.tpl - This shows a list of imported media during the import process. - This page shows all media for a particular member to any visitor on your site. - This is the "My Media" area when a contributor is logged into their account. 
contributor.profile.tpl - This is the contributors profile page, view their profile. 
contributor.sales.tpl - Ths is the page used by contributors to view their sales data. 
contributors.tpl - This is the contributors page, it shows all featured / showcased contributors you have. 
create.account.tpl - This is the create account page. 
credits.tpl - This a workbox (popover) in which will show a credit package info, price, add to cart, etc.. 
digital.tpl - This is a workbox (popover) in which will show a digital profile info, price, add to cart, etc.. 
download.history.tpl - This is the download history page within a members account. 
featured.collections.tpl - This is the featured collection page (if you feature a collection it will show here). 
featured.credits.tpl - This is a featured credit package page (if you feature a credit package it will show here). 
featured.packages.tpl - This is the featured packages page (if you feature a package it will show here). 
featured.prints.tpl - This is the featured prints page (if you feature a print it will show here). 
featured.products.tpl - This is the featured products page (if you feature a product it will show here). 
featured.subscriptions.tpl - This is the featured subscription page (if you feature a subscription it will show here). 
footer.tpl - This is the footer area (bottom) of every page in your store front. 
gallery.login.tpl - If a gallery has a password, this is the page the user will be on to enter that password. 
gallery.tpl - This is a very versatile file in your store as it is used for all sorts of gallery building and display thumbs. It can show each and every individual gallery, etc.. Example if you click on a gallery listed on your store front you will end up on this gallery.tpl page with all media from that particular gallery listed. 
head.tpl - This file builds the hidden meta tags (title, keywords, etc..) of the page. It is the start of the HTML for a page. It loads javascripting and other stuff to build the rest of the web page that is about to be loaded. This file is loaded on all pages of your store front. 
header.tpl - This is the header area of every page (logo, select language, etc..). 
hover.tpl - This is the rollover that is displayed when you hover your mouse over a thumbnail. 
index.tpl - This is the homepage, the first page of the store. 
invoice.tpl - This is the invoice page (view invoice). 
item.options.tpl - This is the item option list for various items like prints, etc.. - Displays all media within a lightbox. 
lightboxes.tpl - Shows a list of lightboxes in the members account. 
login.tpl - The login page for members. 
media.container.tpl - This is a container in which all media are shown in. 
media.details.tpl - This is the details page for a media, shows titles, descriptions, ratings, etc.. 
members.tpl - This is the first page after login for a member. 
membership.tpl - This is a workbox (popover) for membership info, price, etc.. 
memnav.tpl - This is the left nav area after a member logs in. 
minicart.tpl - This is the mini cart in which pops up after an item is added to cart. - This is the newest media page. 
news.article.tpl - When clicking on a news article this is the page that will display it. 
news.list.tpl - This shows a list of available news articles. 
noaccess.tpl - If someone is trying to view something they do not have access to they will be shown this page. 
order.details.tpl - This is the order details page. 
orders.tpl - This shows a list of orders that a member can click on to view the details of each of those orders. 
overlays.tpl - This is the HTML to build the overlay for the workbox. 
package.tpl - This is the workbox (popover) for building packages on the store front when users add items to pacakges. 
paging.tpl - This displays all the paging info/links (next / previous pages X, etc..) for all galleries. - This is the popular media page. 
print.tpl - This is the workbox (popover) for the print info, prices, options, add to cart, etc.. 
product.tpl - This is the workbox (popover) for the product info, prices, options, add to cart, etc. 
promo.tpl - This is the workbox (popover) for a promo info, savings, etc.. 
promotions.tpl - This is the promotions page. 
search.tpl - This is the search page/results. 
shipping.methods.tpl - Shows shipping methods during checkout. - This is the similar media area on the media details page. 
subnav.tpl - This is the left navigation area on the homepage and a few other pages it shows on. 
subscription.tpl - This is the subscription workbox (popover) that shows subscription info, prices, add to cart, etc.. 
tags.tpl - This shows a list of tags that other users has put on a media. 
ticket.details.tpl - This shows a support ticket details in a members account. - This is the create a new support ticket in the members account area. 
tickets.tpl - This shows a list of support tickets in the members account. 
view.collection.tpl - This is the view all media in a collection page (shows like a gallery of thumbnail for all media in the collection). 
workbox.tpl - This the workbox (popover) for all sorts of various things that require it to pop up. Example adding items to cart this may popup to show options, price, etc..

The PHP files are similar in "filename" as the above templates. The PHP files are located in the root (/) of the store. Example about.php pulls any needed data for the about us page and the about.tpl template file to display it.

The CSS files for a particular theme are located in the assets/theme/X directory wher X is the theme you wish to edit. Example if using the Classic - Light color then the CSS would be assets/themes/default/style.light.css. That CSS file will contain all sorts of colors, fonts, etc.. for various parts of the store.