PhotoStore Documentation

How to use a content block

You must know how to edit files, and how to use an FTP client to upload/download files to your hosting account. Some HTML knowledge for when editing template files will also be required.

When you need to add content to a special place on your store front you can do this by going into your store manager and using the content editor -> page content area and create a new content block (during creating a new content set the type to content block).

To create a new content block:
Go to manager -> content editor -> page content -> click on create button -> set content type to content block. Then enter in a title, enter in content, and other settings and hit the save button.

How to show on the store front:

To show the newly created content block on your store front you will have to go to the manager -> content editor -> page content -> click on the content block you created. Then at the top you will see a code listed that will look like: {content id=xx} where XX is the ID number of that content. To get it to show up on the store front you have to place that code (including the brackets { } just as shown) into a template file of your store where you need it to show at. Template files are located in the assets/themes directory. Example if you have the classic theme selected in the manager -> settings -> look & feel area then you would edit template files in /assets/themes/default/*.tpl.