PhotoStore Feature List

These are just some of the great features of PhotoStore. There are too many to list them all.

Store Cart

PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Built In Shopping Cart

Sell Photos

jpg, gif, png, bmp, psd, tif, eps, mpo

Sell ZIP Files

Sell Other Files

pdf, mp3, ai, svg, stl, doc (we can add other formats by request)

Sell Videos

mpeg, mpg, avi, mp4, mkv, mov, wmv (we can add other formats by request)

Sell Prints, Products & Packages

Allow Free Photos

Built In Mini Cart

Your customers can add items to the cart without leaving the current page.

Currency Support

U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Yen, Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Polish Zloty, Norwegian Krone, Hungarian Forint, Czech Koruna, South African Rand. You can add additional currencies in the management area.

Language Support
  • Arabic  
  • Bulgarian  
  • Catalan  
  • Chinese (Simplified)  
  • Chinese (Traditional)  
  • Croatian  
  • Danish  
  • Dutch  
  • English  
  • French  
  • German  
  • Greek  
  • Hebrew  
  • Hungarian  
  • Italian  
  • Polish  
  • Portuguese (Brazil)  
  • Portuguese (Portugal)  
  • Romanian  
  • Russian  
  • Slovak  
  • Slovenian  
  • Spanish  
  • Swedish  
  • Vietnamese  
*Other languages can easily be added by translating the included English language files
Multiple Active Currencies

Allow your members to view prices in their preferred currency.

Multiple Active Languages

Allow your members to select their preferred language.

Fotomoto Support New

Use Any Print Lab

Sell Digital Collections

Create Pricing Sheets

Create pricing sheets for digital versions, prints or products.

PayPal & 2Checkout Support

14 Other Payment Gateways

PayPal, 2checkout,, Chronopay, Ideal, Mygate, Nochex, Onebip, Paygate, PayFast, Paystation, Plugnpay, Robokassa, Skrill (Moneybookers), Worldpay, Stripe

Mail In/Check/Money Order Payments

Coupon/Discount System

Robust Shipping Features

Sell Various Sizes & Formats

Sell various sizes of the same photo or file.

Rights Managed Pricing New

New, Featured, Popular & Random Photo Areas

Photo Preview On Rollover

Video Preview On Rollover

Built in Video Player

70 Different Video Player Skins

Bill Later & Custom Invoice System

Allow your members to download photos now and you bill them later.

Credits System

Allow your customers to purchase and use credits.

Multiple Themes

Choose from multiple themes and variations of each.

Responsive Mobile Ready Theme Included

A responsive mobile ready theme built on Bootstrap 3 is included.

Robust Tax System

Create simple or complex tax calculations.

Order Notes Feature New

Allow your customers to add notes to their orders.

Sell Packages

Sell packages that contain digital photos, prints, products and more.

Allow Member Uploads

Allow your members to upload and sell their photos and other media while you take a commission.

With Contributors Add-on

Memberships & Subscriptions

PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Free & Paid Memberships

Download Subscriptions

Create Weekly, Monthly, Yearly download subscriptions.

Advanced Permissions System

Assign collections, prints, products, galleries to specific members, groups or memberships.

Galleries & Events

PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Create Unlimited Galleries & Events

Password Protect Galleries

Gallery Icons

Collapsible Galleries Menu

Uploading Features

PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Create Unlimited Galleries & Events

Browser Based Uploads

Flash, Java and HTML5 based uploaders.

FTP Upload & Import

Bulk Photo Uploader

With automatic thumbnail creation.

Upload From Mobile Devices

IPTC Support

EXIF Support

Link To External Media New

Store your media files offsite with Amazon S3 or another online storage provider.

Search Features

PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEO)

Search engine friendly URLs requires Apache Mod_Rewrite or equivalent support.

Integrated Keyword Search System

Color Search

Date Range Search

Search By Gallery


PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Photo Rating Feature

Gives your visitors the ability to rate your photos. It includes a management area where you can approve or reject ratings that are placed.

Photo Commenting Feature

Gives your visitors the ability to leave comments about photos on your site. It includes a management area where you can approve or reject comments that are placed.


The RSS Feed feature allows your customers to subscribe to RSS feeds of your newest, popular, featured and gallery photos. It also allows them to subscribe to a rss feed of your site news.

Visitor Photo Tagging Feature

The Tagging feature allows your visitors to add searchable tags to photos and other media on your site. It includes a management area where you can approve or reject the tag.

Support Ticket System

The support ticket system allows your members to submit support tickets. It includes a full featured support ticket management area.

Image Zoom Feature New

Geo Location Map New

Instant Downloads After Payment

Email Photo To A Friend Option

Lightbox Feature

Image View Counters

Light & Dark Color Scheme

News Blog Area


Organize members, prints, products, shipping, etc. in to groups.

Adobe Lightroom Upload Plugin New

Image Caching System

Thumbnail caching system to provide optimized performance and quick load times.


PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Multiple Administrators

Have multiple administrators with their own login information and privileges.

Web Based Management Area

Batch Editing

Batch edit photos details and prices.

Flex Pricing

Set prices using optional +, -, x features to dynamically create your prices.

Auto Create Multiple Photo Sizes

WYSIWYG Content Editor

Page & Email Content Editors

Dashboard With Widgets

The dashboard gives you quick access to all of your sites stats and info.

Automated Database Backups

Automated MySQL database backups.

Model & Property Releases

Upload and attach model and property releases to your media.

Management Area Activity Logs

Actions done in the management area are tracked in the activity log.

Create Download Subscriptions

Set the duration, price, downloads, items and more.

Create Promotions & Coupons

Create coupons and promotions for percentage off, dollar amount off, free shipping, no tax, bulk discounts and more.

Setup Tax Calculations

Dozens of tax features to tax digital and physical items regionally or globally.

Create Shipping Methods

Create shipping methods by totals, weight, flat rate, regions and much more.


PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro

Built In Smarty Template Engine

Customizable HTML & CSS

Customizable PHP

Look & Feel Management Area

Easily change watermarks, thumbnails sizes, displayed photo details and more.

Customizable Emails & Content Areas


PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Dynamically Watermarked Photos

Encrypted URLs Feature

Built In 'No Right Click' Features

Private & Password Protected Galleries

Links To Your Photos Are Hidden & Protected

Block By IP, Domain & Email Address

Block access and signups to your site by the IP, domain and email address.

Block External Linking

Block other domains from linking to your thumbnails.

Encrypted Folders

Software & Support

PhotoStore PhotoStore Pro
Instant Download After Payment Approval

Support Access

Access to the PhotoStore Manual, FAQs, Tutorials, Community Forum

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide PhotoStore is not right for you within the first 14 days, you're entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

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