How To Sell Your Photos Online

One of the questions we get asked all the time is "How can I sell my photos online" and why use PhotoStore. So we wrote up little article on this topic.

How Can I Sell My Photos Online Today?

It's easy. Just purchase PhotoStore, and we can have you selling photos online today. Sell photos from your site, with your prices on your terms and keep 100% of the profits. Read below for more info.

What to consider before you sell your photos online.

Consider what types of photos you are going to sell. Are you selling stock photos or are you a photographer selling event photos? PhotoStore will work in both cases but the way you use it will be different. Are you going to sell prints and other product or just digital files? Who is your target audience? What is your target audience willing to pay for photos, prints or other files? Knowing these answers will help you aim your PhotoStore directly to your target audience and therefore get you more sales.

Selling Stock Photos
There are 3 main factors in running a stock photo site. These are price, selection and quality. Most stock photo sites sell their photos from $1 to $5. So if you plan to use PhotoStore to sell stock photos you may want to stay within this range. Another important factor is quantity. The more stock photos you have for sale the more selection you give your customers to find the photo that is right for their project the more likely they are to purchase. The third factor is quality. If you want customers to spend their money on your photo then they need to be of high quality. The better the quality the more likely your visitor is to purchase.

Selling Event Photography
PhotoStore also works great at selling event or portrait photography. Imagine shooting an event and then posting the photos online for everyone to purchase later without having to contact you or meet with you. You will make more sales and you will make them quicker and easier. Some of the same rules from selling stock photos also apply to selling event photography. First make sure you only post your best photos from the event online. Making the visitor wade through hundreds of mediocre photos to find the one that they want lowers the chance that they will make a purchase. If you offer prints and products in your photography business also offer those on your site. Another tip is keep the photos online for a while. Some customers wont purchase right after the event but may end up purchasing months later. Leaving the photos up for a year or more also increases the chances that someone will return to purchase more later.

Why Use PhotoStore?

Many sites on the internet give you the ability to sell your photos online however they charge huge monthly fees and take large commissions on each of your sales. They also restrict what you can sell and the prices at which you can sell your photos and prints at. After jumping through all of their hoops to get your photos online when you finally start making some sales you have to wait for them to pay out your portion of the profit. Usually this happens by monthly check or when you get to a payout amount (usually $100 or more). How do you avoid all of this and get complete control over all of your pricing while keeping 100% of your profits? You use PhotoStore.