PhotoStore Languages

PhotoStore is available in the following languages. Other languages can easily be added by editing the language files.

Language Store Front Management Translated By
  Arabic (version 4.0.9) (version 4.0.9) Ktools Member
  Bulgarian (version 4.4.8) (version 4.4.8) Ktools Member
  Catalan (version 4.6.2) (version 4.6.2) Ktools Member
  Chinese (Simplified) (version 4.1.8) (version 4.1.8) Ktools Member
  Chinese (Traditional) (version 4.17) (version 4.1.7) Ktools Member
  Croatian (version 4.0.4) --- Ktools Member
  Danish (version 4.1.6) --- Ktools Member
  Dutch (version 4.5.1) (version 4.5.1) Ktools Member
  English (version 4.7.4) (version 4.7.4) Ktools Staff
  French (version 4.7) (version 4.7) Ktools Member
  German (version 4.2.1) (version 4.0.7) Ktools Member
  Greek (version 4.1.9) --- Ktools Member
  Hebrew (version 4.1.1) (version 4.4.0) Ktools Member
  Hungarian (version 4.2.2) --- Ktools Member
  Italian (version 4.7.4) (version 4.7.4) Ktools Member
  Polish (version 4.1.8) --- Ktools Member
  Portuguese (Brazil) (version 4.5) (version 4.5) Ktools Member
  Portuguese (Portugal) (version 4.1.2) (version 4.1.2) Ktools Member
  Romanian (version 4.2.2) --- Ktools Member
  Russian (version 4.1.9) (version 4.1.9) Ktools Member
  Slovak (version 4.5.1) --- Ktools Member
  Slovenian (version 4.0.7) --- Ktools Member
  Spanish (version 4.6.2) (version 4.6.2) Ktools Member
  Swedish (version 4.1) --- Ktools Member
  Vietnamese (version 4.4) (version 4.4) Ktools Member

Translating To Other Languages
Other languages can easily be added by translating the included English language files.

Translators Needed
If you are able to translate PhotoStore to a language that we are missing in exchange for a discount or free add-ons please contact us.

About The Language Files
All of the available languages other than English have been translated by a 3rd party. cannot be held responsible for any mistakes in the translation. All language files from this page will work with all versions of PhotoStore including the newest. However if the language file version is older than the current version of PhotoStore then the missing language will be output in English.