Additional Services

Here at Ktools we also offer the following services to help you every step of the way.

Product Upgrade Service

With your purchase you receive 1 year of free upgrades. You can download these upgrades to your product and install them yourself at any time free of charge. However if you would like us to perform the install for you then you can purchase our product upgrade service for $25 below.

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Site Relocation Service

Need your site moved to a different hosting company or server? We can help. Our pricing for moving sites from one server or host to another is based on the amount of data that we have to move. Contact us today for a quote.

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We offer one time free installation. If you ever need PhotoStore, PhotoShow or PhotoHost reinstalled for any reason we can do it for you. Our reinstalltion service is only $25 and can be purchased below.

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1 Year Support & Upgrades Package

With all of our products you receive 1 year free upgrades and support. If your support and upgrade period runs out and you would like to extend it you can do so at any time for $99. This adds 1 year of additional free upgrades to your account.

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Find Hosting

Our "Find Hosting" page offers tips and recommendations for hosting your site. We have also included hosting that is not recommended based on our customer's feedback. Learn more here.

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Custom Design & Programming

In order to provide top notch customer support and invest time in what we do best, developing software, we do not accept custom programming or design projects at this time. However we have partner web developers who would be happy to take on your project. Find the list here.

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