We take pride in what our customers have to say about us.

After many years with dissatisfaction on several scripts and pages i finally found ktools.net with PhotoStore. Now i'm able to choose what ever i want! Multi languages, multi currencies, multi payment gateways and many many other things i missed the last years. With PhotoStore my dreams come true! Very easy handling, many possibilities to create your own needs. PhotoStore from ktools.net is the best i ever had before!

Manuel Schroder ultrafoto.de

Finally I've found PhotoStore and I'm surprised how easy it is to set up and configure. I love the addons, expecially the contributor option, which allows artists to contribute to the site. Big compliments to the Support team for the great work you are doing. Questions are being answered quickly and accurately.

Karl Quint copterstockmedia.com

After a thorough search for the right software to sell my images.I chose last year for PhotoStore of Ktools. It runs smoothly and the 10000 images find their way to my clients. Therefore, I can highly recommend the software PhotoStore.

Jan Smit dierenbeeldbank.nl

I think ktools have done an awesome job with Photstore, the product is rock solid and meets my needs. I have use many other photo catalog programs and this is the best by far. Well done to the small team at ktools.

Steve Thibou motopix.com.au

I've been a "stock" provider for almost a decade, I've been wanting to have my own site for sometime now. I know just enough about building website to make me not want to do one. I've looks for a few years to find a solution for building my own website to sell images in the same manner as the sites that I sell my "stock" thru. I had found a fw solution, however I didn't want to have to rent service, store image on other servers, I want to be in control. I was turned on to ktools thru a friend, Yes, this looked to be the solution! I've been able to build a site using Photostore 4 and get the look and functionality that I want. The customer/tech support has been quick and efficient! I look forward to growing my online business with ktools.

Dieter Spears realsantaclausimages.com

"The script is excellent. And very cheap, dollar wise. If you were to try and home grown an application like this, it would cost so much in time, it would not be worth it. The support is excellent. Ktools, is excellent in responding to any questions that I have had. Usually responds via email in less than an hour. Also, if you know any PHP, the script is easily modifiable, so you can tailor it to your needs."

Shay Mann

Photostore has enabled me to reach customers that I have never been able to capture before. The interface is simple and easy to use, with some simple IT/website knowledge any photographer can begin selling their work and finally profit from the digital age of photography.

Jonathan Farber, Photographer

I just stopped in to say thanks ktools for making my photography dreams come true! This service is by far one of the best services I have come across. Whenever you need customer support there is always someone available to assist you. Keep up the good work guys!

Lobita Grimes

"I installed the site this morning and I have to say I am very impressed. Everything is working right out of the box . You did a very nice job on this. Well worth the investment. I look forward to working with you in the future."


There is only one software I would recommend to anyone that wants to set up a complete photo selling website or a stock photo type of site. And that software is Photostore from Ktools.net.

Photostore is a breeze to use. The administration panel is intelligently designed and completely user friendly. As a matter of fact, I would even say, it is downright fun to work in. My partner and I were amazed at how easy it was use and get our site populated with photos in no time at all.

One of the most important points about Photostore is that, behind this software is a fast, friendly and serous support team. Every question or doubt I had about the software was answered quickly and clearly, making it easy to make any changes I wanted to do. And when I was really in doubt about a change I wanted to make, the support team did it for me, saving me time and money.

Ktools.net, with their wonderful software, Photostore, has made my dream of having my own photo selling website a reality. Thanks, Ktools.net! You are..... THE BEST!

Michael Wysmierski

I am very pleased with this script, it not only does what a photohost site needs but it can be modified to fit your needs. Next the support is excellent. Questions are answered as quickly as possible and the help is great. I once emailed asking if something was possible to change and support took the initiative and instead of emailing me with instructions on how to do so, they did it for me. Overall GREAT script and GREAT support, definitely worth the money.

Eric G

PhotoStore 2.8 is a fantasic script! I have limited PHP expereince and installed it without any problems. I was also able to customize the templates to match my site design with minimal effort (the code is well written and well documented). This is truely a "turnkey" package. Everything you need is already in place and ready to go -- just add your photos. In addition, you get great support after the sale. If you're a photographer looking for an ecommerce solution, PhotoStore is it! You won't find a better value for your money."

Darren Hester

Iíve been a professional computer programmer for nearly 20 years. When GillisPhotos.com was launched in early 2005, everything was created with a mix of Perl scripts to generate pieces of HTML code. Not rocket science, but adding galleries, new pages and photos was tedious and time consuming. Photostore proved to be a Godsend. With Photostore, customization is easy, updates and changes are a breeze, and adding photos and galleries is simple. In addition, Photostore has dozens of features designed specifically for photo sellers. Photostore allows us to concentrate on photography rather than coding and scripting. We HIGHLY recommend Ktools Photostore.

Robert Gillis GillisPhotos.com

It was with some trepidation that I made my purchase late one evening over the internet. I need not have worried, the transaction was completed almost instantaneously and the software downloaded to me within minutes.

Any queries I have had, usually relating to my own misunderstanding, have been dealt with promptly and courteously.

This is a superb piece of software, there is great strength in depth, it can be likened to an iceberg, what you see is a small part of the whole.

I really appreciate service and commitment to the continued improvement of the product based in part on feedback from customers.

Roy Palmer

Thank you to Ktools.net for excellent service and great software script package. If you are looking for an automated website for selling photos you cant fail with this one.No coding skills needed.Easy to run and maintain.Good support team... Keep up the good work Ktools :)

Lee Conniff

Thank you for a great script and support. Photostore is very easy to run and maintain and contains some very nice features at an exceptional price.

I would highly recommend Ktools Photostore to anyone wanting to sell there own photography online with the minimum of effort.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Martin Walker

Thanks for install the photostore today in a Sunday!!. Only 6 hours after receiving your install email e have my website almost in production!! you can check it at www.behindnature.com What can i say? Easy! Fast! Very professional! and the product have the rigth price! Continuation of your good work. Cheers

Filipe Silva

The Ktools software is a very powerful program with nearly endless capabilities.

Software is very easy to use. Ktools is very responsive to my needs with a quick and professional response.

I am confident that your needs will be met when using Ktools as your sPhotoStore software program.

David Grossman dnkphoto.com

This is by far the best tool I have seen out there for selling my photos. I have been using K-Tools for the last 8 months and have been able to upgrade my cameras three times by using this tool. Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the new version

Joel Lunsford

Thanks for your work, guys!I installed Photostore since sept. 2006 and it's exactly what I was looking for. Your assistance has been very effective to solve the few small problems I encountered while custumizing my installation, and I now have a photographer's website to my image, perfectly functional.Keeps on making great job!

Patrick Guyennon

We provide publishers and other customers with historical pictures, maps, photographs and images with no license fees, free image research, and low flat costs. To keep our prices low, we needed cost-efficient but sophisticated software to help us build our site. After trying other software with difficult code and nonexistent support, we found kTools' Photostore. The out-of-the-box solutions are great, but we have also customized a lot. Future updates (in the works) of PhotoStore promise great improvements without much additional investment. If you have any knowledge of PHP coding, you can also customize on your own. There is a lively forum, so support is often available by other kTools users. We have also been pleased to use kTools' hosting services. Thanks, kTools!

Diana Thurman

I have been using PhotoStore for over 4 years now and it's been great. A wonderful solution to selling stock photos online! My site currently has over 27,000 images on it. No other site that I've found can handle so many images in such an easy and user friendly way. I really love the control that I have from not having to use a third party photo seller. This PhotoStore paid for itself in the first few months.

David Seaver davidseaver.com

We are running PhotoStore v3.1.0 and absolutely love it! We added this as an adition to our main site because the staff was wonderful when we were hired to customize one for a client.

In essence the customer service is what sold us on this great program and we are glad they were so wonderful.

We can not say enough about the CS, the program is easy to learn, easy to customize and if you run into a place where you need to find answers or help someone is ready to assist in a nice and educational way.

Truly if you are looking for a one stop program that has almost every thing you can desire in the lines of photo / image stores then this is the program you should purchase.

Ellen Hayes

I would just like to say that PhotoStore made it so darn easy to set up a photography store. Couldn't have asked for a more integrated solution. The software has all the features I want, and it's well worth the price. Thanks for the great product.


I love this program, solid, clean, professionally done and simple to install. the best part of this is that the support is there when you need it. No hassels and they actually respond with a real answer, no bull. Thanks a bunch guys for the new begining.

John Merlino

To anyone considering KTools as an add-on service or as a hosting company, I can't say enough about the incredible service and quick response times. I am not an "expert" to say the least, and the staff at KTools has made my online buisness an easy and profitable way to market my photography.

Colleen Swartz

While I have only purchased this software a short time ago, I LOVE IT! . I only wish I had found it SOONER!

Terry Runion

I have spent months looking for a solution to my web-site needs and have tried many out there. This is without doubt the best value product I have ever come across. The technical support and service is the best i've ever experienced (and i've used it a lot!) and for an amazing price. I am a complete novice, never touched html etc but within day's i was able to start personalising my site with the help of the guy's on the forum. I now have a site i love which could have cost me thousands! I am a customer for life. Thanks Guy's Keep up the good work!

Richard Ham

Without a doubt, KTools has the best support of any software company I've dealt with.

Ian Greant

I am very pleased with this script, it not only does what a photo site needs but it can be modified to fit your needs.

Konradt Sinisa

This is great software, was very easy to install including the addons, I was up and running in 15 minutes with no problems.

I look forward to getting my site listed and gaining visitors.

Ian Slevin

I was looking for an out of the box, ready to go piece of software to allow me to sell photographs online. I'm very glad I made the choice to go with PhotoStore, as it gave me everything I was looking for, and a whole host of other features I hadn't thought of, but that are incredibly necessary.

I found the setup and configuration process very easy, even though I had to get Ktools to customise the software to work with my chosen payment processor in my country. The whole process took a matter of days to complete, and I am incredibly happy with the final product. The best part is that getting my first sale took less than a week!

Administration of the site is a breeze, every feature works perfectly, and the product is very polished. After Sales Support is incredible, with answers to queries often coming outside of normal working hours - it seems some of the Ktools staff never sleep!

If you're considering selling photographs online, dont hesitate - pick PhotoStore - you wont be sorry!

- Andrew Bray

Andrew Bray

Whether you are looking for something to customize or run straight out of the box, for stock or event photography Ktoolís photostore is the perfect solution. I was able to customize my store with very little effort.

The user interface is very easy to navigate for both visitors and administrators. And it just keeps getting better with every upgrade, which are very easily installed.

The service I have received from Ktools has always been top notch, fast responses and solutions. More companies should be run in this manner.

Not to mention their hosting service for your site is second to none.

Keep up the great work guys.

Troy Leger

Troy Leger

I am amazed of how easy was to customize my photostore site, I put an intro, change the header for a flash, add menus and pages, etc.. The functionality of the software is amazing, all my friends are still asking me about the software and they kepp telling me that seems so professional and nice. The people from support is always happy to help and friendly. Thanks Photostore

Emanuel Villa

Ktools.com gives great customer service along with a great product. I am happy to have done business with them. The product and service is worth the money.

Darnell Manning

PhotoStore is easy to use, and it's excellent value for money.

Konstantin Gastmann kita-fotograf.de

Congratulations to you on your software. This is magnificant. The backend as well as the frontend works almost flawlessly. The support you give with quick response time is so refreshing, something that is missing in the business world, customer servce, you have give. This is exactly what I was looking for. It is adaptable for customization and many different applications for use. Search engine optimization (seo) is set up very well. The ability to batch load, change categories, add content, all works very smoothly. I am very impressed and glad I bought this. I have the bundle so I cannot wait to get PhotoHost ready to launch. Thank you for your dedication to this software.

Lawrence Crawford
Crawford Photography
Art Stock Gallery
Tallahassee, Florida

Lawrence Crawford

Hi there all, my name is Patrick Visser From www.asavistockshop.nl from the Netherlands. My story about The Photo Store Scrip. Itís the best script ever.

A view years ago I started to make photo graphics. The need for promoting my work and or selling is became bigger and bigger. Ad first I bought a script in Germany and modified it. Worked fine but I still missed some thinks. Searching the Internet I soon found the Photo Store script. Tried the demo and soon I realized that this is what I needed.. I Also support is over the Hill. Itís a perfect Team and I want to advice all photographers to stop search and buy this one..

Thanks for the script my friends.

Patrick Visser

We went online in June 2007 with Photostore and we're still really, really pleased with it nearly two years later (right now it's April 2009). Not only has it paid for itself over and over but it's also a great shop window. The site has worked without problems and the online ordering is great. It's easy to manage. We've just upgraded to V3.8 and plan to stay with Photostore in the future. The technical support has been faultless. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

Tim Neale

What can i say nothing but first class. I have been looking to build a web site like this for years and had no joy then i found photostore Its made my live so easy!I take photographs and not build web sites but with photostore it was easy.

This software is a dream to use.So do not waste time BUY IT! I would also recomended one of there hosting companys as they are first class to! Regards
Andy Love
from the uk

Andy Love

A great tool to present my images, no doubt about that. Good support.

Helge Aspevik

I wanted to thank your company for making a great product for us photographers. I have been searching for a long time for a software solution that meets my needs. It's one of the best products that I have purchased and it goes beyond what I truly expected from another software solution.

I really thought that I was getting something that was so so, rather, I received something that was worth every penny I spent and then some.

Your product has me at awww with alot of the features I NEEDED!!

I will highly recommend your product to other photographers without hesitation!!!!

I hope your company will have great success in the future. I know I will with the help of your software solution!

Pablo Custodio

Purchased the software in October 2009 after researching the best photo solutions available. The solution is first class from the management interface through to the style of the final solution. Even customization of the website is brilliant with the WYSIWYG editors inbuilt with the package and the support areas available after purchasing. Well done to all the developers and support personnel at KTOOLS!! I thoroughly recommend this package for anyone selling digital media and requiring a professional product. Thanks Tim

Tim Russo

This is the best deal ever. The software is outstanding and the support is nothing but first class. Jon and Jeff go beyond the limits of what conventional support teams do and they do it well. Congrats and good luck with your business.
Iam Davinci

Iam Davinci

I have used Ktools for almoust two years now and Iīm very happy for this solution. Great tool, who makes it easy to sell and show my pictures...

Thomas Andersen

Hi. just wanted to say how much we like Ktools, we have 2 very happy clients using this for 18 months + now, excellent software, many thanks.

Kev Grant

All I can say is Wow! Wow! Wow! After searching high and low for six months for a ready made web-based digital photo selling program, I am happy that I have purchased PhotoStore for my new ethnic celebrity photo site. With budget in mind and not wanting spend too much on a site built up from scratch, PhotoStore has been a god-send for my upstart company. Even other red carpet event photographers have commented that our PhotoStore solution is definitely a great way to go after viewing the site. For what PhotoStore has to offer in terms of public viewing of the site and purchasing digital download photos, it's right up there with WireImage, Getty, and other celebrity photo sites without the high costs of building and maintaining the site. The search function even works better than other celebrity photo sites that I will not mention.

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Ktools has saved me over $5000 in web upstart. Can't wait for the future upgrades.

Peter Gonzaga

Photostore is an excellent product at an unbelievable price. It's easy to use straight out of the box and is very tweakable for those that want to customise their site

Good job KTools.

Scorpionfish Underwater Photography

Ktools is a great product and the support staff is excellent. They respond promptly, provide loads of info on their support site, and willing to help if you're having issues. Keep it up!

Amee Reehal

Thank you for a great script and support. Photostore is very easy to run and maintain and contains some very nice features at an exceptional price.

I would highly recommend Ktools Photostore to anyone wanting to sell there own photography online with the minimum of effort.

Thanks and keep up the good work

Jos Sluiter

We started as a very small website with few new images per day. Today, we run Ktools on a full dedicated heavy duty server, process 1000's of images per day, sell images to many clients in the Middle East.

Ktools is capable of processing the content at lightning speed, display sharp and colourful images, automatically index keywords related to all content recieved from all our partner photo agencies.

We have made very small changes/enhancement to the current version, 3.6.3

I personally recommend Ktools application to online businesses looking to grow. This application stands next to the best content management systems currently available online.

Nina Fedorova

I try many time to make my own web site, with some free software, but i lost 1 year of work for nothing. Finnaly i find photostore by a friend to use this software for selling picture. I get photostore and only 30 minutes after, my website was on service, that's amazing check my site, i'm not a webmaster but i have good site.. Thanks Photostore.......

Marc-antoine Cloutier

I am in the early days of setting up my stock photography website where I am hoping to sell exclusive stock photos from a number of photographers. I have been pleasantly suprised by the helpfulness of the ktool staff in implementing my websites. There were one or two issues which were sorted out in no time. I have also just finished upgrading to the newest version. The instructions gave a perfect picture of what to do and the upgrade worked first time out. I can already recommend ktools and hope this 5 star level of service keeps going well into the future.

Hamish Greer

We wanted a simple package that allowed us to start with small steps and grow. We were not able to find it and we tried to have one developed but after a year, we did not have any working software. PhotoStore was up in 24 hours.

A second strong point is their support. They are available at the times they say and it is great being able to ask any question.


Software is very easy to use. Ktools is very responsive to my needs with a quick and professional response. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Manuel Alvarez

I spent many hours looking for the answer to a very specific question. Namely, I need a solution that will allow me to host stock images, and my event photography. It had to be fluid in design and ease of use for both me, and my visitors. Photostore ticked all the boxes for me, and many more besides! I run the demo's several times, and always came away with the same conclusion! Why haven't I bought this yet!

Easy to configure and manage, this solution was/is an elegant script that was designed and executed for people like me, from the ground up. Rather than a dodgy blog conversion that's got more bugs than the local zoo! The installation was done within hours by ktools, and that's what I call service. I intend to remain loyal to this product, as it has made my life much easier. My visitors enjoy the intuitive interface, and ease of use. A credit to the design team indeed

Mark Rogers

I've tried several "photo sale" solutions. It's many good options out there, but none worked the way I wanted. Then I came across KTOOLS, so now I'm using both PhotoStore and PhotoHost. It works flawless and the support is great.

Odd Hostad

Photostore had provided me a way to bring my photography work closer to my customers and also advertise my services as a photographer. The software is really easy to use and customize.

Jorge Santiago

Ktools has been amazingly easy to install (thanks to the amazing support), run and manage. We're now effortlessly running an expanded gallery area for our illustrators!

Alex Dethier

What can I say about ktools and photo store. Well its changed my life. I have been able to build a very successful photography business with photo store over the past four years. I have been able to produce a site that is google friendly and converts viewers into customers. The support is superb at ktools and they have always sorted out any small issues. I really recommend hosting your site with ktools hosting as the support is excellent.

Richard Barley Photography

I was looking for software that I could sell my vectors with and was easy to use. PhotoStore filled both those needs. It was so easy to set up, it makes me wonder why I didn't create a store for myself before now. Thanks!

Cory Thoman

The Photo Store from Ktools is a product I can highly recommend. It just covers all the needs of photographers who want to sell online, both digital files and prints. Good job, also on the service!

Arjen Mulder

I spent many hours scouring the website for a solid, quality program that I could use for my very specific type of images/videos. I tried a hosted site for over 2 years but they did not have the features I wanted. I was glad to come across PhotoStore - it was easy to set up and the support is one of the best I have come across.

Sharon Shirt aboriginalimages.ca

First of all i want to thank ktools and photo store for the great software, i was looking for software to sell my logos designs and finally i found the the greatest software to start my business. "I would recommend PhotoStore".

Nabeel Zytoon

PhotoStore is working great for us! Thank you for a great solution to image sales online!

Chad Anderson eyeidea.com

With my programmer I've looked at several photo gallery programs. PhotoStore was by far the best. After renting it for a year we bought the program. It has all possible or needed functions to make it look like you want and to have it act like you want. And if you can't find a solution there is always the more than helpful assistance through forums and the helpdesk. I can recommend everyone who wants a photogallery to show and/or sell his/her photos in a professional way to look no further....

Rene van Maarsseveen

My website, Jewett's Right Stock Photos was created 2 years ago using the Ktools Photostore software. I have found the software to be a great asset to easily manage my site. Ktools contiues to improve their software and I have received a number of upgrades during my 2 years. The service team is very responsive and will always find a solution to your problems or issues. I have found my relationship with KTools to be the type of business relationship we all want to have with our vendors. I plan to continue with KTools and their products and highly recommend them to others.

Geoff Jewett

V3 was a really good software to sell digital stuff on the www. v4 is the giant now. Runnig great, and fast and also secure . Best choice if you want to sell your own fotos!!

Thorsten Trzecziak

I have been with Ktools since May 2011 and I am very pleased with the ease of using the software and support on the very few occasions I have needed it. I am not a computer guy but I find this system so easy to use.

Noel Elliot ozphotos.net.au

We started selling stock photos on other agencies however we decided to sell direct to our client. Photostore gives us the convenience without having to code or hire someone to code it.We have been using Photostore for around 1 year. The service so far has been excellent and the product works great. Good job ktools!

Wong Sze Fei photostockit.com

I expected the transition to version 3 to 4 to be a scary thing... couldn't have been further from the truth.. backed up my original site containing all the photos, arranged them into categories... installed V4 myself... had the support guys do a little tweaking ( 5 hours from request to implementation) ... uploaded my old images.... and presto... beautiful, punchy new site with great features. take a look.... All I can say is dudes.. gotta upgrade to V4...

Rob Fera sudburylight.ca

When we want a car, we don't spend every penny we have and every second we have building one from scratch, encountering every problem that every car manufacturer has encountered and dealt with years ago - we buy one at a reasonable price from people who know what they're doing. That is Ktools. We wanted a site that did the job, which looked great, that wasn't overcomplicated and was reasonably priced. Photostore brings us all of these along with an incredibly helpful team who are always friendly and willing to help. I would recommend the software to anyone and you will be impressed for sure! The Summit Fever team look forward to using the Photostore for a long time to come and would like to thank the Ktools team for their assistance so far! All the best, Matt.

Matt Green

I had a year evaluating stockbox, photocart and photostore. Well will are going with PhotoStore. It's way better in most aspects. Believe me 1 year testing and developing with the 3 applications and 7 people unanimous agree go with PhotoStore.

Rafael Yapor

I'm entirely happy with Ktools product - Photostore. Not only the stunning look 'n feel also the admin side is quite user friendly. Essential customization features are added to make it your own. After sales service was pretty good.

Rana Dias aprishot.com

Excellent business software that works flawlessly.

Pavel Mikoska objednejfoto.cz

I love this software. It is packed with tons of options. Always under improvement . Very inexpensive for a studio or single person to run their own Photo sales. We looked at a lot of sites , would have paid thousands in fees and 5-7 % of our sales would have gone to others. If you want to sell photo's and keep most of the cash in your pocket. PhotoStore is the only way to go. We upload everything with Lightroom. So easy to make galleries and start selling. Be patient during the learning period. They will help you. I am so glad I stuck with PhotoStore Daryl Edwards

Daryl Edwards fraternalcomposite.com

I started to create my first website more than ten years ago. Since 2010 I use Photostore which I think is a fantastic program for the publication and sale of images on the Internet. The current version 4.6.1 is really great, with a small base of html and php it gives you every opportunity to customize anything you want. Continue in this way!

Giovanni Bonin fotobonin.com

PhotoStore is a very mature PHP/SQL-based software. It includes pages that you can easily turn on/off, such as news, about us, privacy, terms of use, licenses, etc, and you can create your own should you so wish. Media is easy to add and to manage singularly or in batches. Good support should you require it.

Shangara Singh stockbite.uk

If you are looking to sell your pictures then you just found the solution. This program really works unlike others I've tried. The after sale service is unbeatable.

Keith Jones fotos4web.com